A nose clip is a small device that pinches the nose and prevents water from entering while swimming. It is a particularly useful item for beginners who have not yet mastered the breathing technique of a particular course of swimming. Inserting a nose clip is quite easy to do. Just push it to the nose with the bridge facing up. Then press the ends to the nostrils to pinch them. Use a similar method to mount a nose clip with a strap. Move the strap over your head and behind your neck while the clip sits on your nose. The easiest way to do this is to put on your swimming cap first, then your swimming goggles, and finally your nose clip. There are two main types of nose clips:

  • The first type - this is the main nose clip. It is made of U-shaped clip with padded edges to avoid skin injury. The nose is made of hard wire or nylon, and the pads are made of latex, silicone or TYR. The U-shaped nose clip presses the two nostrils together so that it sticks to your nose and does not leak water.
  • The second type is a nose clip that includes a strap made of latex. This strap is attached to both ends of the clip. The strap helps keep the cap in place while you swim. It also prevents the nose clip from being lost in the water when you take it out of your nose.

Nose clip - advantages and disadvantages

The nose clip is one of the main accessories for water sports used in swimming. Using a nose clip really comes down to personal preference. Some elite swimmers choose to wear them because it allows them to stop the water from lifting their noses and can help them have a more effective underwater phase. Others prefer to swim without them. The nose can be a useful tool if you struggle to breathe during training and competitions, as it can be a good way to provide more efficient oxygen intake.

  • What are the benefits of a nose clip? The main advantage of the nose clip is that it does not allow water to travel up the nose during swimming, which allows you to focus on breathing only through the mouth. A nose clip can also help relieve any allergic reactions to chlorine.
  • What are the disadvantages of a nose clip? When you use a nose clip, your breathing and overall physical efficiency decreases. Another disadvantage is that it can retain water in the nose and contribute to more snot production. Excessive use of a nose clip causes a person to get oxygen and breathe only through the mouth, which is a bad breathing habit that can take root.