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Sports testers, chronometers and pedometers

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Stopwatch Functions:1/100 sec or 1/1000 sec. Is the minimum unit2-line display or 3-line stopwatch displayShows split time, total lap time and timeAbility to measure 9h, 59min and 59.999 secondsIt can scroll back and forth when the digital memory is readIt can show the time of the fastest, slowest o..
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Lightweight and compact, high-counting chronometer.Technical description:TimeMonthDayDateAlarmSplit / TourAccuracy - 1/100 secColor blue..
Stock: Delivery 14 days Model: IN 8124
InSPORTline Strippy is a digital pedometer that offers a wide range of features. The main features include counting the steps, measuring the distance traveled, burning calories. The breakthrough meter has a 30-day memory that stores the measured data. You can download the data on your computer using..
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The InSPORTline Cord Tester is a device for precise heart rate monitoring. The base of this tester is a durable and light body with a silicone strap. InSPORTline Cord offers 3 pulse zones: Intensity No.1 (55-75%), a workout aimed at preventing cardiovascular disease and overweight loss. Intensity No..
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Sports clock - double time (12/24 mode changeover), date, stopwatch, alarm, backlight, waterproof up to 100m.Technical description:Lightweight housing made of hardened plasticLarge backlit display with high scratch resistance4 function keys - (START / STOP, LIGHT, MODE, RESET)Waterproof - 100 mClock..
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• Watch + breast belt • Functions - time, pulse• Comfortable, ultra slim ergonomic belt• Waterproof, ideal for any sport• Large display• Replaceable batteries..
Stock: In Stock Model: IN 751
• Watch + breast belt• Functions - time, heart rate, date, stopwatch, pulse limit, alarm• Audio alarm button, backlight on the display• Comfortable, ultra slim ergonomic belt• Waterproof, ideal for any sport• Large display• Replaceable batteries..
Stock: In Stock Model: IN 6840
Sporttester inSPORTline Diverz is a modern and durable sports computer with a heart rate meter (TF) and a watch in one. The basis of these watches is a durable and lightweight body with a stylish design, a crisp backlit display with high scratch resistance and 4 function keys. InSPORTline Diverz Spo..
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• A computer compatible not only for inSPORTline devices• 3-line display• Functions - Speed, Kilometers, Exercise Time, Maximum Speed..
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• 5-digit LCD display (counts up to 99,999 steps)• Motion sensitivity (walking / running)• Unique motion sensor designed specifically for tourist sticks• Convenient and practical design• Original integrated USB connector• Conveniently located buttons Mode, Adjust, Reset• Measure the number of steps•..
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Basic Set 2 consists of two parts. Special microcomputer integrated into the wheel, which is inserted into the inline skates and a wristwatch. On the watch you will immediately see the current speed, eventually one of the 7 other features that you choose.Inline speedometer Basic 2 functions:Current ..
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In the category Sports testers, chronometers and pedometers, you will find a wide range of devices and tools necessary for the proper conduct of all sports competitions, now on the online platform YAKOSPORT.EU

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