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Aluminum mug YATE Alu 0.4 l is made of anodized aluminum (hardened against rust) and has an attractive design. Free of BPA, phthalates, or lead. Keeps the temperature of the drink for a long time. Aluminum mug YATE Alu 0.4 l is suitable for picnics, camping, hiking, everyday life.Technical descripti..
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Hard aluminium cookware set for 1 person. Includes 1 pot, 1 cover & 1 sponge. It adopts imported aluminum and advanced hard aluminum oxidation, which is fire resistant and wearresistant. A gas cartridge and a stove can be put into the pot. Reported volumes are maximum /usable. Materi..
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Aluminum cookware YATE Alu 3 parts designed for cooking and heating water. The set consists of three parts - a bowl with a volume of 1.25 liters, a bowl with a volume of 0.85 liters and a lid. The set is suitable for 1-2 people.Technical description:Material - aluminumVolume of the big bowl - 1.25 l..
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Hard aluminum cookware set with heat exchanger. Suitable for 2 persons. Includes 2 pots, 2 covers, 1 sponge and 1 plastic exchanger cover. Light weight aluminum and advanced hard aluminum oxidation, which is fire resistant and wear-resistant, easy to be cleaned. The small pot can put into the..
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Aluminum cookware YATE Alu 2 parts designed for cooking and heating water. The set consists of two parts - a bowl with a volume of 1.25 liters and a lid.Technical description:Material - aluminumVolume of the bowl - 1.25 lWeight - 270 gSize - 160 x 110 cm..
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The cookwear kit is refractory and has a wear-resistant coating.Weight - 740 gDimensions - 197 x 125 mmContents of the kit:- Large pot with cover 195 x 120 mm (2250 ml), weight - 238 g- Medium pot with lid 170 x 90 mm (1500 ml), weight - 180 g- Large pan 197 x 45 mm (750 ml), weight - 190 gEverythin..
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Set of vessels with heat exchanger made of sturdy anodized aluminum, suitable for 3-5 people. The heat exchanger reduces fuel consumption up to 30%.Ultra light kit for 3-5 people, made of polypropylene and anodized aluminumThe devices are refractory and have a wear-resistant coating (not for polypro..
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Aluminum handle for YATE dishes for additional reinforcement to your aluminum travel kits. Protects you from burns and stains.Technical description:Additional handle for dishesMaterial - aluminumWeight - 30 g..
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• Ultra lightweight family set made of sturdy anodized aluminum• The devices are refractory and wear-resistant• Weight - 1 925 g• Dimensions - 218 x 149 mm.• Package Contents:- large container 213 x 140 mm (3250 ml), weight - 414 g- small container 195 x 120 mm (2250 ml), weight - 238 g- small vesse..
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• Ultra lightweight kit for 3-5 people, made of polypropylene and sturdy anodized aluminum• The devices are refractory and have a wear-resistant coating (does not apply to polypropylene devices)• Weight - 722 g• Dimensions - 170 x 128 mm.• Package Contents:- large pot 170 x 92 mm (1375 ml), weight -..
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Hard aluminium cookware set for 4 - 6 persons. Includes 1 frying pan and 3 pots. Light weight, fire and heat resistant, hard  anodised aluminum. Easy to clean. Folding anti slip grips. Packed in a mesh bag. Reported volumes are maximum /usable.ParametersMaterial: Hard anodized aluminiumPieces i..
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Contains information about the 39 Bulgarian mountains - a business card (the most basic details of the mountain: the highest peaks, where the name comes from, what are the dimensions and what its sights are); Physico-geographic description (structure and boundaries, geology, water, climate and soil,..
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Camping chair PINGUIN Jack stool is a light and compact chair suitable for camping, hiking, fishing and more. The chair is smooth and fast in one movement. 22 mm. Aluminum construction provides low weight and load resistance up to 100 kg.Technical description:Load capacity - 100 kg.Seat material - 1..
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Folding, comfortable chair with steel frame.Camouflage colorEach leg ends with a plastic platform and the pressure in the ground is not concentrated at the point - you can also use it inside the tentThe height of the armrests is adjusted, and in one is a cup holderFolds into a compact shapeAvailable..
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Technical description:Capacity - 20 l.Large opening with stopper for quick and easy fillingrope with hook for easy attachmentSteering and water tapMaterial - polyethylene in black color, for better absorption of solar energyInstructions for use: Place the plastic handle in the dedicated duct. Fill t..
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The MAXIMA compass rifle is extremely useful and functional. The compass itself is sensitive enough and works with great precision. Suitable for use in orientation in an unknown area.    Technical description:Packing: blisterWeight: 0.040Grey colorDimensions: 6.5 x 3 x 0.8 cm..
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Propan / N-Butan / Izo-ButanScrewing EN 417 0.598 kg..
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Propan / N-Butan / Izo-Butan ScrewingEN 4170.345 kg..
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Compass HIGHLANDER Deluxe - a classic compass for navigation. The large base makes measuring distances easy, and the magnifying glass helps you see clearer details on the map, especially in low light. Reflective markings also help with navigation.Technical description:Dimensions - 12.5 x 6 x 1.5 cmM..
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Padlock ELBRUS Pulau Lock Cream can be used in many situations to lock a suitcase, close the cabinet at school, at work or in the gym. The padlock is lightweight and its most important advantage is that you do not have to wear a separate key. All you have to do is set up and remember the three-digit..
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