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The warranty card and the contract are correctly filled in by the trade organization. The warranty covers only defects, which arise in normal use during warranty period.

A copy of the warranty card is sent to the service after purchase or after repair. The warranty card must be signed by the customer.

Repair of a damaged goods is performed in a company service or other authorized one. The customer delivers the goods to the service. If the customer wants to be visited by a technician, an additional fee is paid according to the seller's price list.

Warranty service is performed only when the products are in original packaging and complete set. In case of a warranty claim by the buyer, the service is obliged to repair the goods within 25 business days. If this is not possible, the equipment is replaced with a new one or another similar one. If this is not possible, the amount paid by the customer is refunded.

Complaints about missing components are recognized only during installation by a company technician or at the time of purchase.

The seller is responsible for the lack of compliance of the goods with the date of sale under the CPA, regardless of the warranty.


Failure to comply with the instructions for operation and storage specified in the accompanying documentation.

Damage caused by transportation, mechanical damage.

Attempt to eliminate the defect by persons not authorized by the company;

Attempt to forge the warranty card, factory number or present a blank warranty card;

Damage caused by natural disasters (thunder, floods, earthquakes, fires, etc.), electric shocks, liquids and insects in the product, humid environment, etc.

Using the devices with other faulty or incompatible modules and devices.

We recommend that the initial installation to be made by a representative of the company / charged according to the seller's price list /. In case of incorrect installation performed by the buyer in accordance with the attached schemes, the warranty is void.

If annual technical maintenance of the equipment has not been carried out. This service is paid by the buyer.

In case the equipment intended only for home use, but is used as professional.

Not subject to free warranty service are: squeaking, loose connections due to operation, cosmetic parts and parts detachable from the the device main body, plastic decorations, rubber seals, belts, bearings and bushings with limited service life, batteries, consumable items and external power supplies.


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The equipment is not subject to special maintenance. Please check connections, bolts, nuts and tighten them regularly.

All treadmills reduire lubrication every 8 working hours.

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Always clean the equipment only with a soft damp cloth. Do not use or store the equipment in a humid environment. Do not dispose equipment parts in street containers. They must be recycled.

You should contact your personal physician before starting a new exercise routine.

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