Housing cleaning:

Each motorcycle helmet body requires periodic cleaning with water and non-aggressive detergent. If the surface is contaminated with mud or insects, cover the helmet with a damp paper towel or soft damp cloth for a few minutes. After soaking, the dirt is removed more easily. For convenience, remove the plexiglass to reach inaccessible places. Carefully wash the entire outer surface of the motorcycle helmet with warm water and a mild non-aggressive detergent. Each motorcycle helmet is carefully cleaned with water. After drying, you can treat the Plexiglas seals and mechanisms with silicone oil.Never clean the helmet body with aggressive chemicals, benzine, organic solvents or other aggressive or abrasive agents that may damage the body material.


Lining cleaning:

Each helmet lining is soiled with dust, insects, mud or sweat during use. It is important to keep it clean. Some of the motorcycle helmets we sell are equipped with a removable lining that is easy to wash. If the inside of the helmet is dusty, use a vacuum cleaner. When washing, carefully release the lining: first remove the cheek pads and then pull out the entire lining. Wash by hand in lukewarm water with a non-aggressive detergent, without fragrance. Rinse the inside in clean lukewarm water, squeeze (do not twist!). Allow to dry well. Never speed up the drying process with a hair dryer. Do not allow to dry in direct sunlight.

Visor cleaning:

Remove dried mud and insect residues on a motorcycle helmet visor, always under running water. There are also special wipes for cleaning the visor - one set moistened and one dry for wiping dry. These towels are very soft and do not scratch the surface of the viewfinder. Insects are easier to remove. Cover the visor with a damp paper towel or toilet paper for a while and leave on for about 5 minutes. The paper is then removed along with most of the flies. The rest are removed by hand (not nails!) Under running water. It is important to remove only damp cloths from the viewfinder, not wipe it, as even fine paper may contain abrasive elements, and the outside of the viewfinder, even if scratched, may be damaged when dirt is removed. If the inside of the visor is covered with an anti-fog layer, clean it only with lukewarm water without any detergents. Finally, dry with a soft cloth, but again only with light touches, so as not to damage this layer.

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