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Climbing Ascenders and Descenders

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Petzl's GRIGRI 2 is a blocking tool for security. Its construction allows easy and convenient operation of the appliance. Novogrite Grigories (GRIGRI 2) function equally well when providing a driver and climbing a setting. It can be used with all available single-row dynamic ropes with a diameter of..
Stock: In Stock Model: PZ 6976
• Bar design and configuration makes it easy to adjust and position the rope• Compact and lightweight, RACK allows the user to adjust wiping and adjust during downhill when changing its position• The number of enclosed barriers can be adjusted at any time to obtain the desired abrasion• Do not twist..
Stock: In Stock Model: PZ 930
• Square shape to reduce twisting of the rope• If necessary, the small hole can be used with a thin rope or as a scraping plate• For use with ropes with a diameter of 8 - 13 mm.• Material - extremely durable, forged aluminum• Weight - 110 g..
Stock: Delivery 3 days Model: PZ 3046
Very light weight universal insurer (59 g, 25% lighter than REVERSO 3), ARC technology, enabling braking action to be adapted to the diameter and flexibility of the rope used; Reverso function• Extremely light construction:- Compact design- hot forged aluminum alloy- very low weight - 59 g• Can be u..
Stock: In Stock Model: MDAF8
Desander eight BEAL Air Force 8, is a classic device for securing and rappelling.    Technical description:Robust and easy to useWorks with standard single, double and twin ropesQuality: 35 kNReference: MDAF8Weight: 120 gesander eightClassic securing device and rappelling. Robust..
Stock: Delivery 3 days Model: D001
Lander PETZL Antibrulure, is an eight with a thumb against burns.    Technical description:The galvanized version of the HUIT with anti-burn thumb to catch a device heated by a long or fast descentSquare profile to reduce twisting of the rope and formation of knotsForged aluminum..
Stock: Delivery 3 days Model: D020AA
The I’D S automatic locking descander is designed mainly for high-altitude and difficult-to-access work. It is equipped with an ergonomic handle, through which the descent is easily controlled. The integrated anti-panic function and the thumb that locks the rope in the wrong position reduce the..
Stock: Delivery 3 days Model: D020BA
Automatic blocking descender PETZL I'D L, with anti-panic function, suitable for rescue operations.Feature:Designed for rescue operations: missing lock to openMultifunctional handle, allowing according to the situation:- release the rope and control the leakage by holding the free end by hand- easy ..
Stock: Delivery 3 days Model: PZ 3045
• One of the most popular cave diving devices, offering exceptional control and flexibility, facilitating maneuvers through its stop function• The stop function allows it to stop easily by keeping the position on the rope• The device can be quickly placed or removed from the rope without detaching i..
Stock: Delivery 3 days Model: D021AA00
Self-braking Descender RIG by Petzl is intended for professionals working with difficult access routes or rescue operations. With Descender RIG is working very easily and comfortably. It enables positioning in the work place and very easy locking of the detent by moving with the handle.&nb..
Stock: In Stock Model: PZ 1591
• This ladder is light, compact and does not twist the rope during the descent• Extremely easy to use - the drop rating is controlled by changing the grip at the free end of the rope• Designed to be comfortable for low-drops• The spring fastener allows the rope to be removed without removing the der..
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Climbing Ascenders and Descenders - We offer you a wide range of quality climbing ascenders, climbing descenders, rigging plates, anchor plates and rappel equipment. They are suitable for professionals and fans of climbing.

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