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Waist bag:Material - RipStop 420D + 600 D Twill polyesterbreathable backOne main compartmentInsulation - insulating foam, aluminum foilSmall front pocket with two compartments and key ringQuickly and easily adjustable wide band around the waist, with 40 mm. claspSide pocket of elastic mesh material ..
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Phone case MARTES Fono is a must-have accessory for any physical activity enthusiast. It is equipped with a velcro strap that makes it easy to put it on your shoulder. The elastic strap guarantees stable attachment. The durable case material protects the phone from moisture and scratches. The t..
Bicycle bag IQ Paxton Ahead
Stock: In Stock Model: IQ7
Bicycle bag IQ PAXTON TRIANGLE is a small practical bicycle bag for the most needed items that is mounted on the bicycle frame. Made of high-quality synthetic material with good water-repellent properties and front cover with a transparent window.Technical Writing:Capacity - 2 liters.Weight - 0.130 ..
Bike bag IQ Paxton Trunk
Stock: In Stock Model: IQ9
The foldable bag for the bike's trunk, offers the possibility to carry more objects, has intelligent compartments for equal distribution of the load.Technical details:A spacious compartmentTwo side pockets with reflective strips and Velcro strips for attachmentFast mountingTweezers for grippingElast..
Stock: In Stock Model: in 16653
The Cloth Bag inSPORTline Toloren is a modern, sturdy bag ideal for shopping, schooling and everyday use. This practical item attracts attention with its classic design and contrasting colors. The handbag can be folded to compact size, easily portable and can always be available. The wide long handl..
Stock: In Stock Model: AW3518SS
Sporty bag AQUAWAVE Stroe 25 l is a functional sports bag with an original design. The STROKE 25-liter sporty bag is universal bag that will be useful for everyday use or for a day trip. The main compartment can hold everything you need, and in the front pocket you can store the most important ..
Stock: Temporarily unavailable Model: PIN9518SS
Sports bag PINGUIN Handbag L is a multipurpose carrying case for small personal belongings. The bag is designed with a spacious compartment and a practical front pocket with a buckle. The shoulder strap can be easily detached and the bag can be attached to the waistbelt. The sports bag is made of hi..
Stock: Temporarily unavailable Model: P13305
Number of Chambers:   1Number of Pockets:   2Zippers:  YKKAdjustable shoulder straps:   YesVolume: LSize:  24 x 18 x 7 cm..
Stock: Temporarily unavailable Model: P1265
Number of Chambers: 1Number of Pockets: 2Zippers: YKKAdjustable shoulder straps: YesVolume: LSize: 21.5x15x5.5 cm..
Stock: In Stock Model: YSD00003
Waterproof bag with window and valve YATE - L, 15lt. Protects your belongings against water, damage, contamination, and reduces the volume of packaged accessories and articles by means of a non-return valve to extract air and compress the contents.Technical description:Weight - 70gVolume - 15lMateri..
Stock: In Stock Model: YSD00002
Waterproof bag with window and valve YATE-M, 10lt. Protects your belongings against water, damage, contamination, and reduces the volume of packaged accessories and articles by means of a non-return valve to extract air and compress the contents.Technical description:Weight - 65gVolume - 10ltMateria..
Stock: In Stock Model: MAR00122SS
Bicycle bag MARTES Saks is made of durable, waterproof materials. A waterproof bike bag protects contents in wind and rainy weather. The shape is classic. It closes with a double zipper on the top. There is a handle for carrying the bag in hand. The MARTES Saks bicycle bag attaches to bike frame wit..
Stock: In Stock Model: in 11844
Pennyboard backpack WORKER Rukkuban is used to carry and store your pennyboard (skateboard). The backpack has two straps and a hemmed strap for hanging. The backpack protects your penny board from wear and dirt. You can carry the backpack with the pen on your back or in your hand. WORKER Rukkuban is..
Stock: In Stock Model: in 14674
Backpack inSPORTline Bolsier is a small and light bag, extremely stylish and functional. It is suitable for carrying school supplies, sports equipment or luggage for a short trip. The inSPORTline Bolsier backpack goes perfectly with your everyday outfit. The cord closure provides quick access to you..
Stock: In Stock Model: IN 21095
The inSPORTline Skatesbag sports bag is large enough to hold a pair of shoes, roller skates, ice skates, snowboard boots or ski boots. It is made of tear-resistant material. The adjustable strap allows you to carry the bag not only in your hand but also over your shoulder. Sports bag inSPORTline Ska..
Stock: In Stock Model: IQ1120SS
The IQ Ralius sports bag will help you quickly quench your thirst while running, running or walking. The glass holder with elastic band keeps the container fixed even during dynamic training. The bag has a flat zippered pocket for storing keys, documents or coins. The belt buckle allows precise adju..
Stock: Delivery 14 days Model: T1628
• Keeps all necessary toiletries• A mirror that peels off / sticks• DURAFLEX hook for hanging..
Stock: In Stock Model: IN 12746
Case for trekking poles inSPORTline Retselop 15x74 cm is made of waterproof material. It is fastened with a cord with a stopper. Trekking stick case inSPORTline Retselop 15x74 cm is functional, practical and has an adjustable handle for carrying in hand.Technical description:Practical waterproof cas..
Stock: In Stock Model: HT31221SS
Waist bag HI-TEC Segu is stylish and modern. It is made of high quality materials and consists of a main compartment and a front pocket. Mesh panels give a sporty look to the bag. The main compartment and front pocket are closed with waterproof zippers. The fabric is resistant to moisture, dust..
Stock: In Stock Model: PIN93121SS
Waterproof bag PINGUIN Dry Bag 10 l is made of lightweight material. The glued seams ensure that your clothes and other luggage will stay dry when you are camping by a lake, sailing on the river by boat or on a rainy day in the mountains. The bright colors of the waterproof bag allow better orientat..
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Rucksacks, bags, dumbbells, bicycle saddlebags, buggies, bicycle bags. Everything you need to keep and carry your luggage at camping or trekking on a mountain pass or just a picnic.

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