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Aluminum mat Yate Solar Double Matte is a light and comfortable mat that makes it perfect for camping and hiking. Suitable for use in the summer. The mat is made of a polyurethane foam coated with an aluminum coating that reflects the heat released back. Features: • Material: Polyurethane + al..
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The Electric Blanket inSPORTline Rappo is an useful accessory for every home during the cool days and winter evenings. The high-quality micro plush and large leg pocket provide maximum comfort. The blanket has 3 heating elements that warm up the user for a few minutes. The heating elements are power..
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Mat with reflective aluminum foil. It is used by placing the mat with the foil up, as it reflects the radiated heat.Technical description:Materials - polyethylene + aluminum foilColor - white foam, aluminum foilDimensions - 180 x 50 x 0.3 cmWeight - 100 g..
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A double action pump, can handle the biggest of jobs. The high volume output is delivered in one continuous stream of air, by pumping on the down stroke as well as up. Made from lightweight moulded non-corrosive plastic, no power source required.Technical description:Double efficiencyYou save half t..
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You must have the Picnic Blanket inSPORTline 130 x 135cm with you on every trip. The top side of the blanket is made of a high quality acrylic fabric which is pleasant to touch. It can be folded up to make a bag with a handle. As a result, it is easy to carry around and takes up minimum spac..
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Picnic blanket AQUAWAVE Chequa Blanket - a guarantee of maximum comfort. Relaxing on the beach, a family camp outside the city, or maybe a romantic picnic by the river? The Chequa blanket works on every occasion. Thanks to the practical fastenings and sewn handle, you can fold it into a compact cube..
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In this category you can look at our varied collection of picnic blankets and functional beddings. Picnic blankets and beddings are essential when you are on the road or camping. They are lightweight, compact, do not take up much space and can be easily transported. Shop our good quality products!

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