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Vibration machines

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Vibration Platform VibroGym inSPORTline Lotus is a kind of fitness equipment, suitable for home use. Intense vibrations cause reflex muscle contraction, and training is much more effective. Exercise on this vibrating platform will not take much of your time, as all you have to do is train for 5 minu..
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Helps shape your body and effectively reduce weightThe efficacy of the exercises is tripled during the vibration processA special massage mat; The mat massages acupressure points to relieve the muscular strain on your soles, palms, buttocks, back, and more.Ensures rapid recovery and recovery of the ..
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Vibration machine InSPORTline RexaBelt is a massage device that effectively helps break down excess fat and muscle tension. Vibration stimulates blood circulation and the lymphatic system, tightens the muscles of the hands, legs, thighs, abdomen and counteracts water retention in tissues. These bene..
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Vibration Platform inSPORTline Devyn is ideal for strengthening and shaping the body, muscle relaxation or recovery after physical activity. Massage is extremely effective, relaxing, safe and not at all time-consuming. You can choose the muscle groups you want to strengthen or relax (it all depends ..
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Vibration Machine inSPORTline Lilly offers a great way to exercise your muscles. Its function is based on vibrations that cause your muscles to flex reflexively, making exercising more intense. All you need to get an immediate result are 5 minutes of standing on the machine with your knees slightly ..
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Vibrating machines suitable for tightening and toning the muscles of the whole body. Suitable for toning before training or relaxing massage.

It turns out that the vibrating machine was known in the 80s of last century, when it was used as a healing method in patients in a sanatorium. Later, a Russian scientist introduced the vibrating machine into astronautics to protect astronauts from muscle atrophy, which allowed them to stay in space for up to 400 days.

Initially, the vibrating machine entered the fitness industry, but after good results have stopped, it finds a place in rehabilitation, physiotherapy and is even used by professional athletes.

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