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Stock: In Stock Model: EL51421AW
ELBRUS Gamacher hiking gaiters feature waterproof, breathable fabric for protection against rain, snow, mud, water and dust.Technical description:Protection against rain, snow, mudThe material is breathable and waterproof - 100% nylonZip closureAdjusted by stopper cord that provides more of snug fit..
Stock: In Stock Model: EL01222SS
ELBRUS Gamacher hiking gaiters feature waterproof, breathable fabric for protection against rain, snow, mud, water and dust.Technical description:Protection against rain, snow, mudThe material is breathable and waterproof - 100% nylonZip closureAdjusted by stopper cord that provides more of snu..
Stock: In Stock Model: 1301431
Made from 100% EVA, adult size. Easy to bring everywhere.Material - EVA /Ethylene Vinyl Acetate/Thikness - 0.16 mmDimensions - 120 x 130 mmWeight - 390 g..
Stock: In Stock Model: PIN29
Gaiters PINGUIN Membrane Dry fit you perfectly thanks to its anatomical cut. The upper part is made of three-layer ACD laminate with a water resistance of 20,000 mm water column and a breathability of 25,000 g H2O / 24h. The part covering the shoes is made of durable and durable Cordura 1000D materi..
Stock: Delivery 3 days Model: 0102107
Universal children's gaiters made of rugged polyester. They provide protection against the penetration of water, snow, dust and pebbles into the shoes.Height - 27 cmLength of tape - 37 cmMaterial - PolyesterZip YKK®Lower and upper part - with built-in elasticShoe attachment: with metallic oxidized h..
Stock: In Stock Model: 5104S
Technical description:All-seasonWith waterproof breathable membraneMaterial - 100% polyesterColor - black or camouflage..
Stock: In Stock Model: HT14193
Impregnating spray that protects your shoes from moisture, dust and greasy stainsSuitable for nubuck, suede, facial and synthetic leather, textileRecommended for shoes with a waterproof, breathable membraneIt may darken the color of lighter fabrics..
Stock: In Stock Model: HT51617AW
Insoles HI-TEC Hike will make your favorite shoes even more comfortable! Insole Hike insoles match any trekking or sport shoes. Thanks to a special construction, they work well during increased physical activity. The material of the inserts is a soft foam that adapts to the shape of the foot, protec..
Stock: In Stock Model: 140132
Long lasting treatment to effectively aid rain run off from visors and goggles, for clearer vision. Creates a non stick coating to force rain to bead and run off aerodynamically, dispersing water and giving clearer vision. Apply to visors, goggles, windscreens and mirrors.Better visibilitySafer ridi..
Stock: Delivery 14 days Model: 130144
Base poncho type raincoat made entirely of 100% recyclable material - EVA / Ethylene Vinyl Acetate /. It slips through the head, no extension provided for a backpack, but is wide enough to cover well with a smaller backpack (up to 40 liters) on the back. The raincoat has sleeves with built-in elasti..
Stock: In Stock Model: TM0903
Base poncho model, which is 100% waterproof thanks to the glued seams and 2000 mm water column. You push him through the head. There is no extension intended for a backpack, but wide enough to cover you with the backpack if you need it. Available in its own storage and carry case.Technical descripti..
Stock: Delivery 3 days Model: 140109
Concentrated citrus cleaner that lifts dirt and stains from footwear and fabric.This effective citrus stain remover penetrates deep into fabric giving a more aggressive action than the Wash In Cleaner for the removal of more stubborn stains. Using a unique blend of ingredients it is water ..
Stock: In Stock Model: 5103
Cordura gaiters with metal wire are tourist gaiters made of extremely strong Cordura® material, characterized by special strength and reliability in heavy operation. The Cordura® material is highly resistant to tearing and abrasion, unique in its durability, waterproof and windproof. The tape passin..
Stock: In Stock Model: HT4120AW
The impregnating spray provides powerful protection against dirt and water without disturbing the breathable properties of the leather. It does not change the color of the shoes even after repeated use.Technical description:Impregnating spray for leather shoesPackage contents: 100 mlShoe spraySpecia..
Stock: Delivery 3 days Model: S140110
Easy to apply foam that lifts dirt from all footwear, fabric, suede, nubuck and smooth leathers. A specially formulated footwear cleaner that not only acts as a detergent to clean boots and shoes, but also introduces an anti-bacterial action to reduce foot odour. Storm Footwear Cleaner is best used ..
Stock: In Stock Model: 130124
Cleaning spray for tents and awnings STORM, 300 ml is convenient for removing stains and dirt from equipment while in use. You do not need to fold the tent, but remove the stains at the moment. The preparation does not indicate influence and does not harm the water resistance of the materials.INSTRU..
Stock: Delivery 3 days Model: S140119-150
An easy to apply water based wax emulsion balm that provides nourishment to smooth leathers plus a hydrocarbon based water repellent finish. INSTRUCTIONS: Shake well before spraying evenly to clean, dry leather. Pay particular attention to any dried out areas. Can be polished lightly if req..
Stock: In Stock Model: T2305
• Long-lasting and robust gasket spare bands made of high-strength polyamide material, set of 2 pcs...
Stock: Temporarily unavailable Model: HT4020AW
Waterproofing is one of the most important features of good trekking shoes. To ensure this durability and maintain it for as long as possible, care should be taken with shoes using specialized preparations.The impregnating shoe spray HI-TEC Shoe Pro-Tec perfectly protects shoes made of suede, nubuck..
Stock: In Stock Model: HT4520AW
HI-TEC Wash and Hi-Protect is a universal fluid for impregnating outdoor wear, sportswear and footwear. Strengthens protection against moisture and dirt. Wash & Hi-Protect renews and enhances the surface of clothing and footwear. Universal impregnation provides the highest protection against the..
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Accessories and preparations for sports and tourism. To ensure that your equipment is always ready to respond to the whims of time, care is needed for its flawless performance. Vacuums, cleaning, impregnating and maintenance of footwear, tents, sleeping bags, down jackets, membrane garments, polarized clothing, thermal underwear and others.

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