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Rowing machine inSPORTline inCondi RW600 is a professional rowing simulation machine. Allows the trainer to improve his workout through mobile apps. The rifle simulator is equipped with a magnetic braking system that provides 16 levels of load. Different levels can easily be selected from the L..
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InSPORTline Ocean is a compact rowing machine for intensive training at homeTechnical description:• Manually controlled magnetic rowing machine• solid steel frame with a sandblasted finish• The paddling simulator has an 85 cm long aluminum rail• 8 load levels• 6 kg. Flywheel• Pedals with adjustable ..
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Folding exercise machine inSPORTline AB Rider is an ideal fitness device for strengthening the whole body. The strong and stable frame can take a load of up to 100 kg. It is also compact and lightweight. It folds easily when not in use. The training is focused mainly on the abdominal muscles, should..
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Technical description:Massive steel constructionMagnetic brake system4kg. FlywheelElectronic load control16 load levelsComfortable, ergonomic seat shapeFixing leg strapsHRC - a program to control heart rhythm12 predefined programsManual programUser programThe computer shows - time, distance, calorie..
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Rowing Machine InSPORTline Power Master X is an effective fitness equipment suitable for body training. Instead of a regular flywheel, it has a hydraulic piston that allows you to choose from 16 load modes (all you have to do is turn the control knob). This comb simulator features a 90-cm alloy rail..
Rowing Machine inSPORTline River
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Rowing Machine inSPORTline River is the result of more than a decade of research and development. The newest technologies used while taking into account customers’ wishes place it at the top of the market. It has been tested by the German testing facility, TÜV GS, to meet the highest European standa..
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The Rowing Machine inSPORTline Rivu is a sturdy, professional rowing machine with a 99cm long rail and 150kg weight limit. Even though it features a 3kg flywheel, the 1:4.6 gear ratio allows for resistance typical of much heavier flywheels. As a result, the machine is not that heavy. Moreover..
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Rowing Machine inSPORTline Thenar is suitable for home training. The cardio equipment is compact in design. The magnetic braking system ensures a quiet and smooth rowing action. Use the lever, which can be found just below the handle, to select one of the 8 load levels of the machine. You can keep t..
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Rowing Machine inSPORTline Yakapa is a professional machine perfect for whole body training. Its robust construction makes it suitable for users weighing up to 180 kg. The magnetic braking system allows smooth and quiet operation of the unit. The InSPORTline Yakapa combustion simulator has a bu..
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Rowing machine inSPORTline Yukona is an electronically controlled simulator with many features and safe use. You can use the electronic control panel to adjust the load. As a result, you can make full use of the HRC program. This program automatically adjusts the load to the optimum pulse, thus not ..
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Steelflex PlateLoad line PLSR is a quality fitness equipment designed for strengthening the upper body using pull-ups while sitting. Sturdy steel construction with a quality finish is sprayed by electrostatic powder coating that protects the construction from scratches. Steelflex PlateLoad PLSR line..
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Comb simulator - we offer high quality mechanical and magnetic rowing simulators with manual control or computer controlled. Rowing machines are suitable both for loading the upper part of the body and partially for the lower part. Suitable for active athletes and beginners.

Rowing Machine - this is a cardio device known as early as the 4th century BC, when an Athenian admiral invented it as an additional tool for training in the army. To train beginner rowers, he made a wooden rowing machine, which he placed on the shore and perfected the rowing technique on it.

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