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Stock: Delivery 14 days Model: M07052
Basketball ball METEOR Professional 5 is designed for professional play in a hall. Recommended for playing in schools and sports clubs.Technical description:Excellent grip on the armColor - cream-brownMaterial - PU KoreaLatex plungerSize - 5Official size and weight..
Stock: Delivery 14 days Model: B6R
MOLTEN B6R is made of 8 panel construction. Suitable for playing in schools, to train and play during free time.Technical description:Model - B6RConstruction - 8 panelMaterial - rubberDiameter -  24 cm.Weight - 500-540 grams.Size - 6Suitable teenagers and воменDesigned for outdoor gamesColor - ..
Stock: In Stock Model: B7R
MOLTEN B7R is made of 8 panel construction. Suitable for playing in schools, to train and play during free time.Technical description:Model - B7R;Construction - 8 panel;Material - rubber;Diameter -  25 cm.Weight - 567-650 grams.Size - 7Suitable teenagers and menDesigned for outdoor gamesColor -..
Stock: In Stock Model: EBB-7
Technical description:Material - rubber;Reinforced Butter Footer;8 panel construction;Size - 7;Official weight - 567 - 650 g.Official size - 74.9 - 78 cm.Color - orange;Origin - Thailand..
Stock: In Stock Model: SP 317
Classic rubber basketball ball, standard weight and sizes N 7Features:High durability - the tire used ensures high durability even when the ball is used on hard surfacesGrip - rugged surface allows good grip in playSize - reduced size and weight make the ball suitable for children as wellPurpose:Tra..
Stock: Delivery 14 days Model: SP 17
Basketball ball Game Master -made of very durable material with excellent adhesion to the hand. • Size - 7 • 14 panel construction • Official weight and size • Plonder - butyl rubber• Material - Synthetic leather • Extremely pleasing to touch • Suitable for playing indoors and outdoors..
Stock: Delivery 14 days Model: sp 1180
The Spartan Basketball board is packed with a classic ring. Can easily be attached to a wall, door or other stable surfaces. The net included in the set is extremely easy with the hooks of the basketball ring.Technical description:Dimensions of the board - 60 x 90 cm.Ring diameter - 45 cm (standard ..
Stock: Delivery 14 days Model: B33T2000
The MOLTEN B33T2000 basketball has a panel construction, strong rubber and a reinforced inner inflatable balloon, which makes it an ideal choice for school play and leisure. The distinctive design improves visibility by helping you focus on moving it. The MOLTEN B33T2000 basketball offers high stabi..
Stock: In Stock Model: B7G4000
From the street to the gym, the MOLTEN B7G4000 basketball is ready to play whenever and whenever you want. The model is designed to withstand play in all conditions, is approved by FIBA and is a great choice for all athletes.    Technical description:Approved by FIBA12-panel desi..
Stock: Delivery 14 days Model: SP 1107
• Compact metal construction• Diameter of the structure - 16 mm. • Ring diameter - 45 cm. • With bolts and mounting nuts included • Tri-color network (red / white / blue)..
Stock: Sold Out Model: SP 1109
Basketball ring with mesh, mounting bolts and compression spring.Technical description:Compression springPolyamide network suitable for all weather conditions (white / red / blue)Bolts, nuts and washers for mountingFour holes for stable mountingStandard, 45 cm diameterPipe width (double) - 17 mmPerf..
Stock: Delivery 14 days Model: SP 1105
Lightweight 10mm diameter basketball ring designed for playing during free time.Diameter - 10 mmFasteners - bolts, nuts and dowels for concreteNetwork in three colors - blue, white, red* The ring is not designed for dangling and rebounding..
Stock: In Stock Model: 200834
Basketball coaching clipboardMaterial - aluminumDimensions - 46 x 31 x 2 cmField mark for basketball12 magnetic pads, magnet marker, dry cleaning spongeTwo removable metal hooks, 12 magnetic pads, magnet marker, dry cleaning sponge..
Stock: In Stock Model: SP 88
Double pumps for ballsPuts air pressing and pullingRemovable metal needle..
Stock: Delivery 14 days Model: in 17614
Adjustable Hurdle Set InSPORTline Unihurd training set is a set of adjustable hurdles that are mostly used for drills for explosive strength and endurance. These obstacles are perfect for beginners, professional athletes and coaches. In addition, they are also suitable for tracksuits that are becomi..
Basketball ball inSPORTline Showtime
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Stock: In Stock Model: in 22132
Basketball ball inSPORTline Showtime is perfect for training beginners and professional basketball players. The size corresponds to the balls that are standardly used in the NBA and will best suit athletes over the age of 12. It is made of high quality PVC material. The inSPORTline Showtime basketba..
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Stock: In Stock Model: B6G3800
Basketball ball MOLTEN B6G3800 is made of composite leather, which allows better traction. The ball is approved by FIBA. The MOLTEN B6G3800 basketball is designed for use in the sports halls.Technical description:BasketballMaterial: viscose PU leatherApproved by FIBAHigh class12-panel concaveAb..
Stock: Delivery 3 days Model: B7G1600
Basketball MOLTEN B7G1600 is suitable for training indoor and outdoor. The high-quality external material and butyl plunder guarantee resistance in dribbling, feeding and impact training. The rough surface provides excellent grip. The structure is a combination of twelve panels separated by special ..
Stock: Delivery 14 days Model: SP 1179
Technical description:Adjustable height - 165 - 205 cmBack - 45 x 71 cm.Weight - 20 kg.EN 71..
Stock: Sold Out Model: SP 1157
Basketball basket SPARTAN Pro, solid construction, adjustable height.Technical description:Adjustable height - 240 - 305 cmBack - 48 "PVC - 122 x 71 x 3 cmRing - 45 cmBase for filling with water 160 l or 240 kg of sandWeight - 45 kgEN 71..
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