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Motor sports

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Lightweight and comfortable to wear mask, suitable for motorcycling, skiing, hiking, cycling and more.• Protects against cold, allowing the body to breathe• Provides the necessary lump and protection against abrasion• Material - Cotton• Size - versatile..
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Motocross goggles junior W-TEC Benford have modern design in several colour combinations. Solid and flexible rims firmly fit on the face. Clear, very resistant, glass, with the possibility of affixing protection foil, which can be peeled off, if it is strongly fouled. Motocross goggles W-TEC Benford..
Motorcycle Gloves Worker MT652
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Motorcycle Gloves WORKER MT652 are warm protective motorcycle gloves in modern design. There is anti-slip fabric on the palms to make the gloves more adhesive. Knuckle protectors keep your hands uninjured. The Bemberg lining keeps your hands warm even in the coldest of days. Motorcycle Gloves WORKER..
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W-TEC Anubis motorcycle pants are modern unisex pants with protection zones and a closing air system. The outer part of the pants is made of waterproof and windproof materials MAXDURA and 1000-D Strong MATT, and the inner part is made of breathable mesh and the unique REISSA climate membrane. T..
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The Multi Purpose Balaclava W-TEC NF-7802 is a high quality protective balaclava suitable for motorcycle riding, cycling and/or winter sports. The elastic material and anatomical cut is in the shape of the head, providing a high level of comfort and protecting against abrasions. Its function..
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• Winter Motorcycle Balaclava/Face mask• Materials - polyester (fleece)• Size - versatile..
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The Balaclava HI-TEC Caldera seamless is a must for outdoor winter sports enthusiasts. This ski mask will effectively protect the head and sensitive areas from cold and wind during running, skiing or trekking. Seamless technology and elastic material ensure good fit without causing discomfort and ir..
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Bandana ELBRUS Kendji Polartec, Black gives your face the best possible chance of protection against allergens and protects it from moisture, wind and cold. The fabric is Polartec® 200 SERIES FLEECE - high quality synthetic polyester (fleece). It consists of fibers with a special structure that..
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W-TEC Turvoo textile belt is made of high quality polyether. The color is signal, thus making you visible at all times. This belt is closed by passing the tape through the buckle. The other end ends with a stylish metal accessory with an engraved logo of the manufacturer. The W-TEC Turvoo belt is an..
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Keychain W-TEC Clauer with open motorcycle helmet pendant is a suitable accessory for people who love moto sports or people with a rock spirit. And it can be a great gift for an avid motorcyclist. The keychain is in the shape of an open motorcycle helmet. The ring and the chain of the keychain itsel..
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Leather motorcycle jacket W-TEC Perfectis is a classic rocker jacket. It is characterized by a zipper, which is asymmetrical to better protect the chest from the air stream. Another distinctive feature is the belt for tightening at the waist line. It has protectors for elbows, shoulders and back. It..
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Leather motorcycle jacket W-TEC Sheawen Vintage combines stylish design and high safety. It has rubber protectors for the shoulders and elbows, as well as a back protector made of polyester. The protectors can be removed, which makes the jacket suitable for everyday use. Possibility of adjustment in..
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Locking chain for motor W-TEC Pabrick 8x8x1.500 mm is made of hardened steel. You can pass it through a hole, creating an octagon. With the chain you attach your motorcycle to railings or other similar objects. The locking mechanism has a practical cover that prevents the ingress of dust and dirt. L..
Stock: Delivery 14 days Model: IN 15168
Men's motorcycle jacket W-TEC Briesau is made of comfortable and functional Softshell material, as well as MaxDura and Dublan - polyester textiles for places with a higher degree of vulnerability. Interchangeable certified rubber shoulder and elbow protectors ensure your safety when riding. It has a..
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Men's motorcycle jacket W-TEC Gelnair, made of extremely strong polyester is a well-ventilated jacket with replaceable rubber protectors for shoulders, back and elbows. It is equipped with both light-reflecting elements and bright green panels, which will provide you with greater security when drivi..
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Men's motorcycle jacket W-TEC Rotenhan is an elegant, well-ventilated jacket made of textile with large vents on the chest and back with a soft and comfortable lining. Ventilation leads to good air circulation, which brings you high comfort on warm days, and the removable waterproof lining gives you..
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Men's motorcycle jacket W-TEC Troopa is strong with an original design. It is made of strong polyester. One of its distinctive features are the replaceable rubber protectors on the risky places on the body (shoulders and elbows), back pads and reinforced boards on the back. You can also take advanta..
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Men's motorcycle jacket BSTARD BSM 7830 is a stylish leather jacket. The strong cuff at the waist will attract your attention, and the jacket will fit you perfectly. Thanks to the two-zip fastening, you can choose a jacket that is more snug or loose. The design is complemented by a stylish collar an..
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Men's motorcycle jacket W-TEC Akyra has an attractive design, made of very strong and durable polyester. It has certified replaceable rubber protectors for elbows, shoulders and back - for maximum safety when riding a motorcycle. The light-reflecting components on the upper back contribute to high s..
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Men's motorcycle jacket W-TEC Borozef NF-2705 is made of soft, breathable, pleasant to the touch and easy to maintain fabric. The combination of two types of textiles - Softshell and MaxDura - is very popular with motorcyclists. Thanks to glued seams and protected zippers, the waterproof fabric will..
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