Twist Stepper inSPORTline Legro

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Stable, easy-to-store stepper with adjustable rubber expanders to help you lose weight and get in shape.

Twist stepper inSPORTline Legro, easy to use, quiet running. Twist stepper is designed to strengthen the thighs and hips. The adjustable length expanders, which are attached to the stepper with two small carabiners, allow you to exercise your entire body. The pedals are adjusted in length by loosening the control knob at the front.

Placed in front of the fitness facility, the screen shows the number of steps per minute, training time, current number of steps, calories burned, and the total number of steps, providing you with all the information you need. Wide, non-slip pedals provide safe workout. The stepper is compact in size and easy to store. Stepper training is gentle on your joints. Twist stepper inSPORTline Legro is perfect for a home fitness workout.

Technical description:

  • Rubber resistance bands
  • Adjustable stride height
  • Adjustable length of the expander: 60-90 cm
  • Power: 1x AAA battery
  • Show screen: number of steps per minute, workout time, current number of steps, calories burned and total number of steps
  • Maximum user height: no limit
  • Load capacity: 100 kg
  • Weight: 8.7 kg
  • Pedal dimensions: 14.5 x 34 cm
  • Dimensions of the stepper: length 52 x width 23,5 x height 50 cm
  • HC Category (EN957): suitable for home use
Product parameters
ComputerTime; Number of steps; Calories
Loading area of the bodyFor the lower body
Type productStepper
Weight8.7 kg
Височина на трениращияNo limit
ЗахранванеBattery 1 x AAA
Отброяване на стъпкитеYes
Отчитане на време за тренировкаYes
Размери в сглобен вид (L/W/H in cm)52 x 23.5 x 50 cm
Сертификат за качествоHC (EN957)
Товароносимост (kg)100 kg
Широчина на стъпалото14.5

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Stepper inSPORTline Active

Stepper inSPORTline Active


Stepper, easy-to-read display, expanders, compact design, comfortable workout...