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Unique treadmill, 40 tilt levels and a practical desk, you can choose between walking, running and walking uphill.

Do you spend a lot of time on your computer but don't want to sit at the desk all the time? We may have a solution for you! In addition to intense workouts, the Treadmill inSPORTline AeroHike also offers a work desk where you can place your laptop, allowing you to improve your physical activity while working, watching movies, or chatting with your friends on Facebook. In addition to running, this treadmill also allows you to walk up - there is up to 40 tilt levels.

This treadmill is designed to make the user feel safe at all times, even during the most intense workouts. Therefore, the upward speed mode has a speed limit. On the easy-to-read screen, you can select from 12 preset profile programs, 5 HRC programs (at different intensity levels), or create and save 3 custom programs. You can also rate the "Cool Down" button, which automatically slows down when you want to stop. Two pairs of foam grips provide support while walking and / or running. Vertical grips have built-in heart rate sensors and a Speed ​​/ Tilt button. Thanks to the 4 transport wheels, you won't have to lift the track when you have to move it.

You can switch between walking and uphill walking. The top speed in running mode is 12 km / h and offers only 15 incline levels. For safety reasons, the maximum top speed is only 6 km / h. However, it offers up to 40 incline levels. Seamless walking allows you to exercise the calf's muscles. So when you raise the slope, you can enjoy a really intense workout.

Treadmill inSPORTline AeroHike features 4 transporting wheels.

Key features:

  • Multi-purpose treadmill with built-in work desk
  • Offers walking, running and uphill walking modes
  • Standalone running and uphill walking modes
  • 2 pairs of handles for better support during uphill walking
  • Step counter
  • “Cool Down” button – automatically slows pace down when you want to stop
  • “Speed/incline change” button
  • Chest belt receiver
  • 4 transportation wheels
  • USB port allows you to charge your phone/tablet
  • HRC program: machine automatically adjusts resistance to keep user in optimal heart rate zone
  • Screen displays: time, speed, incline, distance, calories, heart rate, number of steps
  • Work desk dimensions: length 73.5 cm x width 23.5/39cm (narrowest/widest point)
  • Work desk height from ground: 124cm
  • Running belt height from ground (horizontal position): 33.5cm
  • Running belt height from ground (max incline): 54cm
  • Side footrest width: 8.5cm

Technical description:

  • Engine power: 2.7 HP
  • Running area dimensions:132 x 51 cm
  • Running area incline: electronic
  • Number of incline positions: 40
  • Maximum incline: 17.5° (31%)
  • Speed: 0.8 - 12 km/h
  • Suitable for walking: yes, no restrictions
  • Overall number of programs: 24
  • Preset programs: 12
  • User programs: 3
  • HRC program
  • Manual program
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Water bottle holder
  • Tablet holder
  • Transportation wheels
  • Uneven surface adjustment
  • Suspension
  • Safety brake
  • HR belt receiver
  • HR belt included: no
  • Overall dimensions: Height 173 x width 80 x length 154 cm
  • Weight limit: 140 kg
  • Weight: 100.5 kg
  • Power source: 220V, 230V
  • Category: HC (EN957)
  • Use: home
Product parameters
Dimension of the running area132 x 51 cm
Incline (%)31
Loading area of the bodyFor the lower body
Number of levels40
Speed of the running area (km/h)12
Type productTreadmill
Weight100.5 kg
Аварийно спиранеYes
Брой програми24
Възможност за нивелиранеYes
Гръден коланNo
Датчик за измерване на пулсаYes
Измерване на сърдечна честотаYes
Ключ за защитаYes
Колела за транспортYes
Контрол на натоварванетоЕlectronic
Мощност на двигателя (HP)2.75 HP
Ниво на натоварване (брой нива)40
Отброяване на стъпкитеYes
Отчитане на време за тренировкаYes
Размери в сглобен вид (L/W/H in cm)154 x 80 x 173 cm
Сертификат за качествоHC (EN957)
Товароносимост (kg)140 kg
Фиксирани ръкохваткиYes
MechanismMotor treadmill

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