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Treadmill SPARTAN 780


Treadmill for home use SPARTAN 780 with max. load capacity of 130 kg...

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Magnetic treadmill inSPORTline Sprynkl

208€ 219€

Treadmill inSPORTline Sprynkl with magnetic resistance is a high-quali..

Treadmill inSPORTline Mystral


Load capacity 130 kg, 3HP motor, speed 1-20 km / h, inclination 0-15 %..

Treadmill inSPORTline Gilavar


Load capacity 150 kg, 3.5 HP motor, speed 1-22 km / h, inclination 0-2..

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Treadmill inSPORTline Mendoz

809€ 899€

Load capacity 120 kg, 2.0 HP engine, speed of 1-16 km / h, 4 in1 (trea..

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Treadmills Lubricant 1 l

7€ 8€

Treadmills lubricant...

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Professional Treadmill walking belt inSPORTline


Professional Treadmill walking belt..

Treadmill inSPORTline Gallop II


Sturdy structure, number of programs, quality suspension, clear displa..

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Treadmill SPARTAN Magnetic 035


Mechanical treadmill with 110 kg load capacity and 8 load levels..

Treadmill inSPORTline inCondi T50i


Can be connected to an app, sizable running deck, foldable to save spa..

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Treadmill inSPORTline Lavister

526€ 584€

Ideal for faster walking, foldable to save space, pause function, 12 p..

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Treadmill inSPORTline Akamar


Robust treadmill with electronic inclination adjustment, easy to store..

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Treadmill inSPORTline inCondi T40i


Can be connected to an app, easily foldable to save space, comfortable..

Treadmill inSPORTline Gardian G12


Sturdy professional treadmill with reliable motor, large running area ..

Universal protection mat inSPORTline 190 x 90 x 0,6 cm


Heavy-duty mat, overall size 190 x 80 x 0.6 cm, protects floor and red..

Treadmill inSPORTline Borra


Professional treadmill with the possibility of display connection to t..

Treadmill inSPORTline inCondi T60i


Treadmill inSPORTline inCondi T60i is a professional running belt desi..

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Treadmill inSPORTline inCondi T400i

1,429€ 1,504€

Tablet connection, weight capacity: 180kg, motor: 3.5HP, speed range: ..

Treadmill inSPORTline inCondi T5000i


The InSPORTline inCondi T5000i treadmill is a high quality trail desig..

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