Smith machine bar weight Body-Solid GS348

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Smith machine bar weight enables safe workout with a barbell without the help of another person.

Smith machine bar weight Body-Solid GS348 is designed to allow natural up and down movement during workouts using a barbell. Stable construction and a wide range of applications are advantages of this device. The multipress gives you the same exercises as in a fully equipped gym, but with the advantage of being in your own home with your own plan without the need for a trainer.

Technical description:

  • Precise 7 angle Smith Machine combined with 7 angle freeweight barbell workout center designed for natural upper and lower body exercise movements
  • Linear ball bearing Smith system with 20 crossmember lock-out points for a safe, solid stop at any point in your workout routine
  • 180cm long, large diameter (50mm) Olympic barbell responds quickly, is easy to control and weighs only 11 kg (25 Lbs.).
  • Six Olympic weight plate storage posts (50mm) safely suspend plates off the floor for easy access
  • Olympic Bar holder mounted to the frame stores your bar without obstructing any exercise movements
  • Dimensions: height 210 cm x length 167 cm x width 162 cm
  • Frame profile: 5.08 x 7.62 cm
  • Weight limit: 454 kg
  • Category S – suitable for all gym types
  • Weights not included
Power Training
Product typeStand
Size167 x 162 x 210 cm
Length167 cm
Training zoneFor the lower body;For upper body
Width162 cm
Load454 kg

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