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Multifunction Chin Up Tower inSPORTline Power Tower PT80 is a great, versatile equipment for bodyweight training. Its steel construction with 50x50mm frame profile is highly durable and stable. The chin up bar with the diameter of 25mm features a non-slip pattern, which provides a secure grip during..
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Bicep Curl inSPORTline LKC301 is a high-quality equipment for bicep exercises. It was designed for the training to be maximally effective and safe at the same time. The sturdy frame is made of high-quality chromed steel and is therefore extremely stable. Moreover, there is an anti-slip material on t..
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Extra Weight Stack Body-Solid SP50 adds 5 more plates to your Body-Solid exercise machine. Full compatibility with all Body-Solid Home Gyms and Pro Dual series machines is guaranteed.Technical description:A stack of 5 Body-Solid platesWeights: 22.5 kgFully compatible with all Body-Solid Home Gyms se..
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Multi-Gym inSPORTline Phanton, sturdy frame, high quality cables and durable surface finish. The device has an electronic counter for stepper. The multi-gym is complete with bench press, lower and upper pulley. The seat position is adjustable horizontally and vertically, which guarantees a comfortab..
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InSPORTline Airin is a silent belt drive spinning bike suitable for home use. The ergonomically designed seat with vertical and horizontal positioning provides maximum comfort during training. The other benefits of this spinning bike are a 20 kg flywheel, a smooth load control system and slip-resist..
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Adjustable bench THD Fitness TITAN is a professional multifunctional bench designed for intensive strength training. Ergonomic design and an upholstered seat, ensuring maximum comfort. It is suitable for training with weights, strengthening abdominal muscles, thighs.Technical description:Sturdy fram..
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Anatomic bench THD Fitness TITAN is a professional fitness equipment designed for training with disc weights. The bench is part of the equipment of professional fitness clubs, sports clubs, etc. The frame is coated to prevent scratches.Technical description:Sturdy frameSafe workout guaranteedHigh lo..
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Back machine THD TITAN is a professional, reinforced fitness equipment for extremely heavy workouts for back muscles and arms. The adjustable seat and backrest ensure the choice of a correct position for the user. Seated row THD TITAN is a fitness equipment designed for professional use, fitness, sp..
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Fitness bench 30° THD Fitness TITAN is a professional fitness equipment for back, chest and abdominal muscles workouts. Strong and stable frame designed for heavy loads with free weights. Specially painted solid construction to prevent scratching. Fitness bench 30° THD Fitness TITAN is a high-class ..
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The Body-Solid Pec Dec Machine is freestanding and balanced, this is two machines in one and both give you unrestricted full rangeof- motion. dual overhead variable resistance cams allow each arm to operate independently uniquely designed articulating Pec Arms provided optimal Pectoral and Rear ..
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Weight Camber Bar Fitness TITAN is a professional weight bar suitable for users with lower back problems. The barbell is made of high quality steel. Camber Bar Fitness TITAN is intended for professional use, fitness, sports clubs, etc.*Weights are not included!!!Technical description:Professional we..
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Combined fitness device GHD / GHD THD Fitness TITAN has options for training shoulder muscles, lower back, calves, glutes, as well as abdomen. The sturdy frame and high-quality upholstery guarantee effective training and comfort.Technical description:Multifunctional fitness deviceSturdy frameStrengt..
Stock: Preorder Model: XF-SA-P-074
CrossFit training station Yoke TITAN offers an extraordinary variety of exercises with the possibility of loading all muscle groups.Modules Included:All modules, including the multifunctional bench, are included in this construction.*The weightlifting bar and weights are not included in the pri..
Stock: Preorder Model: BA-SA-I-004
Fitness TITAN professional bar suitable for all types of standard exercises that can be performed with barbell. Extremely sturdy, made of high quality steel with knurled, non-slip grips.*Weights are not included in the price!!!Technical description:Professional weightlifting barHigh quality steelNon..
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Multifunctional bar Football bar (short) Fitness TITAN is a fitness bar to strength different types of muscle groups. Ability to use in rooms with limited space. The bar features two different grip positions with the aim of greater functionality and variety of exercises. It is suitable for strengthe..
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Multifunctional Football bar angle Fitness TITAN is a professional fitness bar for strengthening different types of muscle groups. The three types of grips allow greater variety in workout without straining the shoulder joints and wrists. The fitness bar is suitable for strengthening shoulders, ches..
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Fitness TITAN bar football bar is a professional fitness bar for training different types of muscle groups. The bar has three different grip positions for efficiency and training variety. It is suitable for strengthening the muscles of the shoulders, chest and arms.Lost football bar is designed for ..
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Gladiator Body Solid G10B is suitable for use at home or in the gym. It offers over 50 opportunities to train in a relatively small space. Another advantage of the fitness device is that two people can train at the same time. The double arms of the press follow the natural movement of the arms, appl..
Gladiator inSPORTline Profigym C200
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Gladiator inSPORTline Profigym C200 is a multifunctional fitness device suitable for training at home. The built-in bench and cable system provide a variety of workouts, and the compact frame takes up minimal space. Adjustable exercise arms (butterfly) and a multifunction lever are provided. You can..
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Gladiator inSPORTline Profigym C300 will save you time and money, as you will not have to buy different types of fitness equipment for training at home. The unique construction on both sides of the machine offers various training stations. This saves space, time, as it allows two or more users to tr..
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Professional fitness equipment ideal for fitness centers, gyms and fitness rooms. The cardio equipment offered is from the company inSPORTline and their quality is proven over the years. Comfort your customers by providing them with the best cardio fitness equipment.

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