PINGUIN is one of the oldest Czech brands of tourist and camping equipment. He is one of the traditional manufacturers in the tourism segment.

The name of the Pinguin brand is chosen on behalf of a wild plant on the slopes of South American Andes, high above the forest, in rocky and abundant wind, rain, and snow - Bromelia Pinguin.

Pinguin's products have been used and tested during a number of alpine expeditions involving the highest peaks in the world. New models are constantly being designed to provide users with the best functionality, comfort and safety. Thanks to this, Pinguin reaches thousands of satisfied customers and is now being distributed in a number of countries in Europe and beyond the continent.

The official founding of the company is due to the opportunities for private business in Czechoslovakia since 1989.

In the mid-nineties, the company began developing lightweight two-tatters for camping and tourism.

With increasing experience in marketing and advertising, the quality, functionality and durability of Pinguin products are also increasing. New products are being developed and bandwidth is expanded.

SAXO Ltd. is the official representative of the PINGUIN brand products

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Tent PINGUIN Interval 6

317€ 352€

A spacious tent with a large entrance - enough for 6-7 people..

Gas stove PINGUIN Aura


Compact and light cooker combined with a can...

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Tent PINGUIN Sphere Extreme


Super-extreme two-triple expedition tent..

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Tent PINGUIN Aero 3


Spacious and light triple tent with two entrances and two antechambers..

Camelbag PINGUIN Basic 2L


A water tank made of antibacterial material (MPE), manufactured in the..


Self-Inflatable Mat PINGUIN Nomad 50 Double

82€ 91€

The PINGUIN Nomad 50 Double - Kaki self - inflating mattress is ideal ..


Self-inflatable Mat PINGUIN Nomad 50 Double, Gray

82€ 91€

Self-inflatable Mat PINGUIN Nomad 50 Double from full foam with a shap..

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Tent PINGUIN Storm 2

112€ 124€


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Tent PINGUIN Storm 3

129€ 143€

Roomy tent...

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Tent PINGUIN Storm 4

147€ 163€

Extremely spacious tent without a self-supporting construction, like a..

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Tent PINGUIN Arris



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