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Multi-press rack, sturdy construction, steel frame, various exercises.

Multi-press Rack inSPORTline Profi is an important part of the fitness equipment providing safe and effective workouts. The stand offers a variety of exercises. With it, you can train the squats with barbell, dead lift, exercise for calves and many others. You can buy an incline bench and use both as a bench press kit. Multi-press Rack inSPORTline Profi features 4 places for Olympic weight plates (50 mm).

Key features:

  • Made of sturdy steel tubes welded from all sides
  • 14 positions allow you to move the barbell up and down, without having to remove the weight plates
  • Main frame is inclined backwards at 7° to ensure natural stance while exercising
  • Features 4 storage posts for Olympic weight plates (50mm)
  • Suitable for 180+cm long barbells (you need to place the holder on the inner side)

Technical description:

  • Distance between stand posts: 107cm
  • Weight limit: 250kg
  • Weight: 54kg
  • Dimensions: length-118 x width-157 x height-185cm
  • Package dimensions: length-168 x width-24 x height-9cm and length-162 x width-42 x height-15.2cm
  • Category C – suitable for home, club and hotel gyms

Weight plates not included.

Power Training
Level Beginners;Advansed
Sport Fitness
Product type Multi press rack
Color Gray
Size 118 x 157 x 185
Capacity 250
Length 118
For Men;Women
Training zone For the lower body;For upper body
Set No
Width 157
Material Steel
Handles Ergonomic

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