Multi-Press Rack Body-Solid GPR370

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Power training rack, stable construction, compatible with bench press.

Multi-Press Rack Body-Solid GPR370 is a professional rack for babells and weight plates. This sturdy rack is made of strong and features stable and wide base. The frame of the rack is tilted back with a slope of 7 ° to correspond to the natural trajectory of the barbell training. 14 barbell storage positions. With the Multi-Press Rack Body-Solid GPR370, you can train squats, deadlifts, calf strengthening and various other exercises. The stand can be combined with an inclined bench. This power rack helps you gain muscle mass, improve physical strength and shape your muscles. Includes 4 Olympic weight plate posts.

Technical decription:

  • 7° reverse pitch that accommodates your body’s natural lifting path
  • 14 lift-off positions
  • Durable steel frame welded at 4 points
  • 4 Olympic weight plate posts
  • Distance between barbell holders: inner – 112cm, outer – 123cm
  • Dimensions: height 188 x length 114 x width 163cm
  • Weight limit: 450kg
  • Suitable for home and commercial use
  • Weight plates, barbell and collars are NOT included
Power Training
Product typeRack
Size114 x 163 x 188 cm
Length114 cm
Training zoneFor the lower body;For upper body
Width163 cm
Load450 kg

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Body-Solid Multi Press Rack GPR370

Body-Solid Multi Press Rack GPR370


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