Multi-Press Body Solid PSM144XS

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Smith machine, solid high quality pad, non-slip handles, adjustable bench, sophisticated safety system, patented pulley system.

Multi-Press Body Solid PSM144XS is one of the most popular bodybuilding equipment. It is a revolutionary home workout system. The robust steel frame with a profile of 50 x 50 mm has a special anti-scratch coating.

The Smith Machine Body-Solid PSM144XS offers more than 10 types of exercises that will help you effectively strengthen your body. You can install safety stoppers that will prevent the barbell from falling. In this way, you can conveniently perform squats with barbell or exercise on a bench.

The weights can be easily adjusted up to 68kg (150lbs.). The frame has additional 30mm storage posts that can help you increase the lifted weight up to 100kg. Nylon pulleys with ball bearings ensure smooth and quiet running. The Multi-Press Body Solid PSM144XS has anti-slip grips and detailed design, the weight plates are easy to adjust and the frame is highly stable, making it a popular and sought-after home training system.

Technical description:

  • Durable reinforced steel frame
  • 14 stoppers for maximum safety
  • Upper and lower pulley
  • Adjustable safeguards suitable for extreme weight
  • Patented Super-Glide nylon pulleys for smooth weights movement
  • Weight of incorporated weights: up to 68 kg (150 lbs.)
  • Dimensions: height 216 x length 114 cm x width 193 cm
  • Bar length: 193 cm
  • Bar weight: 14.3 kg
  • Weights type: standard (25 mm), Olympic (50 mm, 25/50 mm after installing Olympic adapter)
  • Padding thickness: 40 mm
  • Bench weight limit: 300 kg including the user (i.e. if the user weights 100 kg, the maximum load is 200 kg)
  • Category H (EN 957) – intended for home use
  • Weight plates and Olympic adapter are not included

Body Solid PSM144XS training stations:

  • Bench press with in a flat position and positive slope of 42° and 75°
  • Butterfly with back support
  • Squats
  • Pull-ups (back, biceps)
  • Pull-downs (triceps, biceps)
  • Overhead presses
Power Training
Product typeMulti trainer
Size193 x 114 x 216 cm
Length193 cm
Training zoneFor the lower body;For the upper body
Width114 cm
HandlesNon-slip grips;Ergonomic
Diameter of the hole2.5;5 cm
Load300 kg

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