Multi-function door lever InSPORTline

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Self-prop hanging bar inSPORTline is strengthening bar, which can be hung into the door frame by an easy maneuver. After the exercise, it can be removed by the same simple movement. The advantage of this bar is immediate installation and removal, small size and low price. The bar can also be used as an aid to exercise training on the floor as supporting grips for push-ups.

Technical description:         

  • simple self- prop bar of quality material
  • increased resistence
  • soft grips for maximum comfort
  • surface with protective coating with enhanced scratch resistance


  • width of the front handle: 94 cm
  • diameter of the round bar: 3 cm
  • hanging in the door width: 45 cm
  • thickness of the bar´s shell: 1.5 mm
  • suitable for door frames with a width: 60 to 90 cm
  • suitable for door frames thin 90 - 150 mm
  • load capacity: 110 kg
Power Training
Product typeBar
Size47 x 60 x 103
Training zoneFor the lower body;For the upper body

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