Loading Barbell & Dumbbell Set inSPORTline BS08 3-50kg

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Set consisting of a loading barbell and two one hand dumbbells, 6 safety sleeves for attaching the weights to the barbell.

Loading Barbell & Dumbbell Set inSPORTline BS08 3-50kg is a unique and affordable set of barbell and single-handed dumbbells. The dumbbells and barbell features adjustable weight. The disk weights are full of cement. The set includes one barbell with a diameter of 30 mm, disc weights and two one arm dumbbells. The multifunction Loading Barbell & Dumbbell Set inSPORTline BS08 3-50kg will help you train your upper body (allowing you to strengthen all muscles).

The bars are made of top-quality metal with threads at both ends, allowing you to safely secure the weight plates in place with safety collars. Since it is adjustable, this set provides a number of exercise variations and is therefore suitable for home use.

Technical description:

  • High-quality metal axes with steel threads for securing weight plates in place
  • Cement-filled plastic weight plates
  • Metal safety collars

Set includes:

2 x 35cm-long threaded bar, 30mm in diameter, weight: 2.3kg

1 x 160cm-long threaded bar, 30mm in diameter (loading part length: 2 x 22.5cm), weight: 9.2kg, max load: 100kg

4 x 5kg cement-filled plastic weight plate, 27mm in diameter

6 x 2.5kg cement-filled plastic weight plate, 22mm in diameter

4 x 1.5kg cement-filled plastic weight plate, 18mm in diameter

6 x metal threaded safety collar

Power Training
Product typeBarbell;Weights
Weight50 kg
Length160;35 cm
Training zoneFor the upper body
Diameter of the hole3 cm
Load100 kg

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