inSPORTline Mike Punching Bag

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Hanging punching bag, 20 kg

InSPORTline Mike punching bag is designed for improving physical strength, punching and kicking technique. Suitable for box, kickbox and other martial arts.

Technical description:

  • weight of punching bag: 20 kg
  • material: synthetic leather
  • height: 100 cm
  • diameter:34 cm 
  • filled with leather and textile rags
  • same stiffness of bag and perfect punch absorption
  • stiffness: medium (filler can be added)
  • should be hanged by 4 steel chains and swivel


For Men;Women
Mounting type Ceiling
Sport Box
Used for Interior
Type Boxing bag
Color Red
Size 100 x 34
Weight 20
Material Tarpaulin;Vinyl

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