Gas stove PINGUIN Aura

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Compact and light cooker combined with a can.


Compact and light cooker combined with a can. The integrated heat exchanger and wind turbine help to increase thermal efficiency by saving gas and effectively protecting the fire from wind. Compact, folding handle that does not heat up. Built-in piezo lighter. For maximum convenience during the transition, you can use the kettle to store the 100g hot plate and gas. Easily and quickly assembled to work.

  • Material - stainless steel / tempered aluminum
  • Fuel - gas
  • Volume (total / usable) - 1259 ml / 1000 ml
  • Dimensions - Ø125 x 172 (233)
  • Useful power - 1150 W
  • Weight - 0.485 kg
  • Storage case
Camping and outdoor accessories
MaterialStainless steel
Size13 x 17
Type product

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