E-Scooter City Boss Duo 16

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Powerful e-scooter with unique suspension, simple, modern design, suitable for urban riding.

E-Scooter City Boss Duo 16 is suitable for riding to work / school or just for fun. Download the Mimida (Android / iOS) app on your phone and follow your route on the map. The frame is made of aluminum-magnesium alloy and has a load capacity of up to 120 kg. The scooter is only suitable for users aged 16+.

LG's 16Ah lithium-ion battery charges to full capacity in 10 hours. All you have to do is plug the portable power adapter into a 220V outlet. The distance range is 50 km with just one battery charge. Therefore, you do not need to recharge when traveling shorter distances. The distance traveled may vary because it depends on the user's weight, terrain, riding style, outdoor temperature, etc.

The rear and front wheels are equipped with a unique patented suspension.

With the display button you can switch between 2 modes to limit the maximum speed: slow 15 km / h (safe speed when driving in heavy traffic or in inclement weather) and fast 25-30 km / h. Moreover, the display is waterproof so you can monitor your current speed and battery status at any time.

E-scooter weighs only 16.6 kg. It features sophisticated folding mechanism and frame 110 cm long. E-scooter can be folded or unfolded in 2 seconds and can be easily transported by car, train, public transport or stored at home.

Battery Storage and Maintenance:

Store the battery (or the entire product, including the battery) in a shady and dry location at 10 ° C and 20 ° C.

Technical description:

  • Frame material: aluminum-magnesium alloy
  • Battery Type: Li-Ion, LG
  • Working voltage: 36 V
  • Motor: Brushless, DC
  • Maximum Torque: 14 N.m
  • Maximum slope: 8.5 ° (15%)
  • Motor Power: 350 W
  • Battery capacity: 16 Ah / 36 V
  • Top speed: 30 km / h
  • Single Charge Distance: 50 km
  • Charging time: approx. 10 hours
  • Load capacity: 120 kg
  • Weight: 16.6 kg
  • Tire size: 21.5 cm
  • Tire type: tubeless (stationary)
  • Brakes: front electronic, rear - disc
  • 2 speed modes: 15/30 km / h
  • Recommended age: 16+
  • Recommended height of the user: 150-210 cm
  • Steering height: 112 cm
  • Steering width: 43 cm
  • Step platform width: 15 cm
  • Step platform length: 53 cm
  • Upper platform height: 16 cm
  • Lower platform height: 9 cm
  • Dimensions in unfolded state: Length 110 x width 43 x height 116 cm
  • Folded dimensions: Length 110 x width 43 x height 45 cm
  • Bell
  • Front / rear LED light powered by the central battery
  • LED brake light powered by a central battery
  • Folding mechanism
  • Kickstand
  • Fenders
  • AC adapter
Scooters and childrens scooters
Parent controlNo
Color of scooterBlack
Material platformaAluminum
Moving byPush
Number of wheels2
Size of wheels (mm)215
Trotting typeElectric
TypeTwo wheels
Type of accessoriesBell
Type scooterwith aluminum chassis;for adults
BrakesFront brake;Rear break
Load120 kg
Weights17 kg
Handlebar height 112 cm
Total lenght110 cm
Height of footboard9 cm
Width of handlebar43 cm
Recomendet for childrens on age16 +
Lengh of board53 cm

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