Aluminium cookware set PINGUIN Solo Alu

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Hard aluminium cookware set for 1 person.

Hard aluminium cookware set for 1 person. Includes 1 pot, 1 cover & 1 sponge. It adopts imported aluminum and advanced hard aluminum oxidation, which is fire resistant and wearresistant. A gas cartridge and a stove can be put into the pot. Reported volumes are maximum /usable.

  • Material: Hard anodized aluminium
  • Size: 127x150 mm
  • Pieces in set: 2
  • Set includes: pot 127x102 mm (1000/750ml) 132g
  • pan 120x60 mm (500/375ml) 86g
  • Weight: 0.218 kg

Camping and outdoor accessories
For Men;Women
Material Aluminum
Size 12.7 x 15
Type product Cookwear
Weight 0.223

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