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Speed badminton feathers SPARTAN  are heavier than regular badminton feathers - they are suitable for outdoor play, even in the presence of wind. The high quality feathers are 6 pieces in a set and are suitable for beginners and advanced players. Speed ​​badminton is probably the most..
Stock: In Stock Model: SP 2092
Cool colored Badminton ButterfliesMaterial - NylonBase - 100% cork3 pieces in set..
Stock: In Stock Model: 200309
Badminton feathers MAXIMA, 6 pcs. in a box, are very resistant to bending and squeezing, retain their shape and do not break or tear. Excellent for training and competitions. The color improves visibility when played in darker rooms or outdoors. The feathers are sold in a box, which makes them conve..
Stock: In Stock Model: SP 2090
• Badminton feathers from natural feathers• Base - 100% cork• 12 pcs. In a box..
Stock: In Stock Model: SP 2089
• Badminton feathers from natural feathers• Base - 100% cork• 6 pcs. In a box..
Stock: In Stock Model: SP 2088
• Badminton nylon feathers• Base - 100% cork• 4 pcs. In a box..
Stock: In Stock Model: SP 2070
• Badminton feather• Materail - nylon• 4 pcs. In a box..
Stock: In Stock Model: sp 2091
• Set of badminton feathers• Body material - nylon• Base - 100% cork• Speed ​​- Medium• 6 pcs. In a pack..
Stock: In Stock Model: MAR1118SS-2
MARTES Aira 3 Badminton Sweatshirt are perfect for playing under all conditions. They are healthy and have a cork base. The set of badminton feathers is suitable for both indoor and outdoor games.Technical description:Material - Nylon, corkLightweight and compactHealthyColor - White..
Stock: Temporarily unavailable Model: HT0219SS
Badminton shuttlecocks HI-TEC Flaya are made of sturdy nylon and are fitted with a cork head. Both materials are characterized by high durability, thanks to which the feather retain its shape even after intensive use.Technical description:Material: Nylon3 pieces shuttlecocksHead: corkSuitable for pl..
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Badminton Shuttlecocks, made of natural or synthetic materials, of high quality, only at YAKOSPORT.EU

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