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Stock: In Stock Model: EL6818SS
The Headlamp ELBRUS Jackalight Grey Camo print, is an tourist torch - indispensable companion to every small and large expedition. Very shapely and solid, useful on many camps, during climbing or evening training. Adjustable strap allows you to precisely adjust the flashlight so that it does not twi..
Stock: In Stock Model: PRIM 4279
• Suitable for everyday life• Available with a practical storage pouch and six unique, fresh colors• Two AAA batteries included• Weight - 60 g• Dimensions - 58 x 33 x 37 cm.• Waterproof (IPX4)• Works with batteries - 2 AAA Alk / Li / NiMh..
Stock: In Stock Model: TM0903146
Lightweight, waterproof portable sports helmet. Suitable for camping, hiking, mountaineering, sports orienteering, etc. With a thin and lightweight elastic band with a stopper allowing quick and easy adjustment. Three white and powerful and yet economical LEDs (Nichia LED) running with 2 AAA batteri..
Stock: In Stock Model: M23779
Technical description:1 PC. Cree LED 3W for long distance2 pcs. Close proximity LEDModes - strong, economical, blinking5 steps for adjusting the slope of the shoulderAdjustable, flexible tapeBatteries - 3 AAA (included)..
Stock: Temporarily unavailable Model: YSE00042
Technical description:Powerful COB diode (chip on board)Power supply - 3 x AAA (not included)2 light modesLighting time - approximately 10 hours at 1/2 power, 5 hours at full powerBeam length - Approx. 30 m4 positions for different illumination anglesProtection against unwanted switchingAdjustable, ..
Headlamp YATE Maia
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Stock: In Stock Model: YSE00050
Headlamp YATE Maia, is a light headlamp suitable for running and everyday use. Thanks to the use of only one AA battery, the headlamp is very small and light. It is equipped with two light sources - a powerful 3W LG LED (140 lumens) and two SMD LEDs, which are sufficient for walking and reading and ..
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Stock: In Stock Model: YSE00035
Technical description:Powerful 3W diode, 2x white diodes, 2x red LEDsPower supply - 3 x AAA (not included)3 light modes - full power (3W diode), two white LEDs, red light (blinking)Lighting time - 3W diode - 4 hours, LED - 150 hoursPower - 120 lumensBeam length - Approx. 120 m6 positions for differe..
Stock: In Stock Model: YSE00033
Headlamp Yate Panter 3W Cree + 2LED, compact and lightweight, with excellent performance. The headlamp is suitable for jogging, running, hiking, cycling, fishing, perfect for use in everyday life when you need enough light. Made of moisture resistant plastic.Technical description:Headlight lampQuant..
Stock: In Stock Model: YSE00052
Headlamp YATE Proxima is a light headlamp suitable for hiking, camping and everyday use. LEDs provide very good brightness, while being very economical on batteries. The headlight is equipped with five white and four red LEDs. Red light does not attract nocturnal insects, allows the eye to adapt to ..
Stock: In Stock Model: YSE00046
Headlamp YATE Vega, is a universal headlamp suitable for a wide range of outdoor activities. You can use it for hiking, running, cycling, camping, fishing, or for a walk with your pet. The headlamp is equipped with three light sources - a powerful 3W XPE LED (140 lumens). two red LEDs and a white SM..
Stock: In Stock Model: YSE00047
Headlamp YATE Vega, is a universal headlamp suitable for a wide range of outdoor activities. You can use it for hiking, running, cycling, camping, fishing, or for a walk with your pet. The headlamp is equipped with three light sources - a powerful 3W XPE LED (140 lumens). two red LEDs and a white SM..
Stock: In Stock Model: 12911
A headlamp with the ability to focus the light beam. Characterized by high light intensity and long life (up to 50000 hours), low energy consumption compared to an incandescent lamp at the same power level. Zoom Control: zooming is done by pulling or pressing the lens. Suitable for hiking, rock clim..
Stock: In Stock Model: PZ 7278
Headlamp clips for mounting a headlamp on thin-edged helmet that lacks integrated headlamp clips.  ..
Stock: In Stock Model: E99 ACA
High-capacity Lithium-Ion 1250 mAh rechargeable battery guarantees high performance lighting for HYBRID headlamps: TIKKINA, TIKKA, ZIPKA, ACTIK, ACTIK CORE, TACTIKKA, TACTIKKA + and TACTIKKA +RGB, even at low temperatures. It recharges directly with the integrated USB port. The CORE rechargeable bat..
Stock: In Stock Model: in 17634
Bicycle headlight inSPORTline Awondo  generates a powerful light flux and is compatible with the design of most bicycles. It is placed by means of a flexible silicone tape without the use of tools. Use the button to turn on the light and choose between two lighting modes - steady light and..
Stock: In Stock Model: in 17635
Bike light inSPORTline Nyambi  is a rear bicycle light compatible with all types of bicycles. The light is attached to the bike with an elastic silicone strap (no tools required). The button in the middle is used not only to turn on the light, but also to switch between the two lighting modes -..
Stock: Delivery 3 days Model: PZ 3041
• Long-term security, even when working for years under harsh conditions• It works in extreme temperatures - from - 30 ° C to + 60 ° C• Always ready for use - it can function with batteries placed in the last 10 years• The kit includes a protective box• Can be used in potentially explosive atmospher..
Stock: In Stock Model: HT4020SS
Headlamp HI-TEC Centauri is a practical accessory suitable for everyday use when you are on an expedition, camp, evening training, climbing or camping. The design is simple. The headband can be adjusted to the circumference of the head, using a strap, while not pressing on the skin.Technical descrip..
Stock: Delivery 3 days Model: PZ E78BHB
Petzl's PIXA 2 headlamp has a combined beam adapted to work requiring short-range lighting and movement in the work area• The front lamp does not engage the hands and they remain free to perform the job. It can be worn on the head, fastened with the elastic, attached to the helmet or placed on the g..
Stock: In Stock Model: E093DA00
NOCTILIGHT is a protective case for Petzl's compact headlamps that diffuses light. A headlamp placed inside thus becomes a lantern with diverse possibilities: placed on a surface, suspended in a tent, attached to a belt...Description:Protection and transport of compact headlamps from the CLASSIC, AC..
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