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Gas camping stoves

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Propan / N-Butan / Izo-ButanScrewing EN 417 0.598 kg..
Stock: In Stock Model: 7633
Propan / N-Butan / Izo-Butan ScrewingEN 4170.345 kg..
Stock: In Stock Model: PIN67019
Gas cartridge PINGUIN 110 g is a gas mixture consisting of Propane / N-Butane / Izo-Butane. The gas cylinder is standard threaded and is compatible with tourist gas stoves.Technical description:Weight: 0.210 kgAmount of gas: 110 grDouble valveIn accordance with standard: EN 417Dimensions: Ø 91 x 63 ..
Stock: In Stock Model: AURA
Compact and light cooker combined with a can. The integrated heat exchanger and wind turbine help to increase thermal efficiency by saving gas and effectively protecting the fire from wind. Compact, folding handle that does not heat up. Built-in piezo lighter. For maximum convenience during the tran..
Stock: In Stock Model: 7643
Power - 3000WCarrying case - yesSize - 46x46x105 mm Material - Stainless steel / Aluminium Weight - 0.096 kg..
Stock: In Stock Model: 9267
The new lightened version of the popular Spider stove, enhanced by gas preheating. Mantis stove is solid and stable stand-alone gas stove, which easily handles large loads and due to the wide burner and gas  preheating will be cooking very fast even in hard weather conditions. ADAPTOR..
Stock: In Stock Model: 9268
Titanium version of Mantis stove. Mantis Titan stove is with its 98g our lightest standalone stove. It is solid and very stable gas stove that can handle larger loads and due to the wide burner cooking will be very fast. Parameters Fuel: Gas Power: 3000 W Material: Titan Carrying case: Yes ..
Stock: In Stock Model: 7641
Robust and stable gas stove, resistant to heavy loadsUses gas cylinders with valveFuel - GasPower - 2600WCarrying case - yesMaterial - Stainless steel / Aluminium Size - 168x72 mm Weight - 0.230 kg..
Stock: In Stock Model: 7642
Power - 3500WSize - 55x75x32mmCarrying caseMaterial - Titan/ Aluminium Weight - 0.048 kg..
Stock: In Stock Model: 7644
Power - 3000WCarrying case - yesMaterial - Stainless steel / Aluminium Size - Ø160 x 80 mm Weight - 0.095 kg..
Stock: In Stock Model: PIN0122AW
Outdoor portable gas stove is one of the most affordable stoves on our list. Small outdoor stove is compatible with small dishes, cups and pots. The power is 2600 W. The flame is wind-resistant. The diameter of gas hob is compatible with any type of camping cookware.Technical description:Material: t..
Stock: In Stock Model: P7642-S
Fuel: Gas Power: 3500 W Size: 55x75x32mm Carrying case: Yes Material: Stainless steel / Aluminium Weight: 0.062 kg..
Stock: In Stock Model: PIN86619
The PINGUIN gas cylinder adapter allows you to connect PINGUIN or other brands of hobs with similar models from other brands, such as PRIMUS (with standard screws for 230 g and 450 g bottles), to the extremely compact 220 g bottle.    Technical description:Gas cylinder adapterWei..
Cartridge PINGUIN 220g
Best salling
Stock: In Stock Model: 7632
Propan / N-Butan / Izo-ButanEN 417 Nozzle0.345 kg..
Stock: In Stock Model: 9266
• Mechanical lighter in a convenient box incorporating a magnesium rod and a steel plate• The optimal way to ignite a hob or fire under all weather conditions• Waterproof - works in snow, rain and wind• Long-lasting - can be used from 5,000 to 12,000 times• Effective - Sparks have a temperature of a..
Stock: Temporarily unavailable Model: PIN66919
Piezo lighter PINGUIN Igniter, designed for gas hobs, which works even in bad weather. Pressing the button generates an electric spark, which then ignites the gas in the hob. Piezo lighter PINGUIN Igniter is perfect for your nature trips.Technical description:Very light: 17 gApply a spark with a but..
Stock: In Stock Model: PIN7
Stable stove with large support made of stainless steel and aluminium.Fuel - Gas Power - 3000 W Carrying case - Yes Material - Stainless steel / Aluminium Size - 17 x 17 x 7,5cmWeight - 0.165 kg..
Stock: Temporarily unavailable Model: P7645
• Lightweight and compact helicopter designed to increase the efficiency of hotplates and reduce the time required to boil liquid and fuel consumption• Weight - 270 g• Dimensions - 240 x 845 mm• Material - aluminum• Storage case..
Stock: In Stock Model: PIN9030
• Ensures the stability of gas cylinders, hobs or lamps• Unfold the legs to lock them in place and the rubber feet will ensure stability on any type of surface• Weight - 19 g• Dimensions - 195 x 195 x 20 mm.• Material - plastic..
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In our online store you can shop from variety of gas hobs, kitchen utensils and cutlery. Portable camp stoves features sleek, modern design suitable for outdoor cooking. Kitchen utensils are aluminum and non-stick coated. Gas hobs, kitchen utensils are a great addition to your tourist equipment, as hot food is always welcome when outdoors!

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