Treadmill Lubrication
To reduce the friction of the walking belt and minimize wear, lubricant may be applied directly onto the wooden board and underside of the Tread belt.
Lift one side of the belt and touch the top surface of the Tread board. If the surface is wet no lubrication is required .If the surface is dry, lift one side of the belt edge first and at the same time spray or apply lubricant to the board. Make sure to walk on your Treadmill at a slow speed for the first 3-4 minutes of use after applying lubricant.This helps to distribute the lubricant equally.
NOTE: Do not apply the lubricate over the board. Any excess lubricant should be wiped off.
Lubricant may be applied whenever friction occurs, but it is usually required every 50 hours of use. Please remember that this is only a guideline based on average Treadmill use, your schedule may vary.

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Lubricate the moving parts

Lubrication is as follows:

1 With a soft, dry cloth clean the surface between the belt and the board.

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2 In the band stopped lubricate evenly on the inner side of the tape and the board.

3 Periodically lubricate the front and rear rollers to ensure proper operation.

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