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Strength Equipment, Power Racks, Smith Machines

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The Decline Chest Press Machine Steelflex PlateLoad Line PSDP is a high-quality workout machine for strengthening pecs, shoulder muscles and triceps. This machine provides optimum angular movement (which is similar to the incline bench press), allowing you to strengthen the lower pecs.The sturdy, st..
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Hack Press Steelflex Plateload Line PLHP - Black-Red is a professional machine for strengthening the leg muscles. With this machine, you can effectively strengthen the quadriceps, hip joints and gluteal muscles. The load can be adjusted exactly to your needs by the Olympic Weight plates. Four weight..
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Incline Chest Press Machine Steelflex Plateload Line PSIP - Black-Red is a high quality workout machine for strengthening the chest, shoulder muscles and triceps. This machine provides optimum angular movement (which is similar to incline bench motion), allowing you to strengthen the upper body. The..
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Leg Extension Machine Steelflex PlateLoad Line PLLE is a high-quality foot training machine. The robust, rugged structure is covered with electrostatic powder paint that prevents it from scratching. Steelflex PlateLoad Line PLLE features a high padding on the seat and backrest respectively with foam..
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Leg press - Steelflex Plateload Line PLLP will help you to achieve optimal muscle mass on your legs with minimal load on your joints. The robust, rugged, special-purpose frame, comfortable pad and slip-resistant handles are the best features of this product. The vertically adjustable leg press will ..
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Steelflex PlateLoad line PLSP is a quality fitness equipment designed for strengthening the muscles of arms, shoulders and shoulder blades. Sturdy steel construction with a quality finish is sprayed by electrostatic powder coating that protects the construction from scratches. Steelflex PlateLoad PL..
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