Stepper inSPORTline Avalor ST


Stepper inSPORTline Avalor ST is a professional fitness equipment perf..

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Combined appliance - rotating chair with stepper


Rotating chair with stepper is a combined outdoor gym for training the..

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Stepper with Outdoor Fitness Bike Gauge


Combined device for cardio workout and training for the muscles of the..

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Stepper inSPORTline Bailar

158€ 186€

The inSPORTline Bailar is one of the main training devices at home. He..

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Stepper inSPORTline Mini twist stepper Jungy

53€ 63€

Mini stepper inSPORTline Mini twist stepper Jungy is among the main tr..

-20% discount

Mini Stepper inSPORTline Cylina

48€ 60€

Mini Stepper InSPORTline Cylina is one of the main training devices at..

Mini stepper digital SPARTAN


Mini stepper digital with hydraulic shock absorbers...

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Steper inSPORTline Skeleton Stepper


Steper inSPORTline Skeleton Stepper is designed for intense load with ..

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Steper inSPORTline EasyStep

112€ 125€

Twist Stepper with handle, rubber connecting rods(lines) and variable ..

Steper inSPORTline Profi Imperial


Stepper inSPORTline PROFI Imperial is a modern commercial-use stepper ..

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Stepper inSPORTline Big


This stepper is equipped with a new lateral step for effective loading..

-25% discount

Stepper inSPORTline Strong

97€ 130€

Twister Stepper inSPORTline Strong introduces a new side step to tone ..

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