The Merchant allows a product to be paid in advance or with a cash on delivery payments by the user of the site and sent by courier to an address.

Fees and Delivery:

Ordered goods are shipped via the Express Shipment or Economical Shipment Service to courier company Econt Express.

The cost of delivery depends on the size, weight of the order and the place you are. You can check how much it will cost through the Tariff Calculator by entering Rousse as sender. Free delivery is for orders over 60 BGN. It does not apply to fitness weights (disk weights, cement weights, dumbbells, weights kits), boxing bags and professional fitness equipment. If the product we offer is in promotion, the delivery price is borne by the customer. For orders with a total value of over BGN 5,000, transport is at our expense, regardless of the type of products. In the case of delivery on site and not by courier, we reserve the right unilaterally without informing the consumer to extend the time limits by up to seven days. The goods are delivered to the recipients standard - by hand against signature, with larger shipments (at the discretion of the person delivering) delivered to the entrance of the building. Our price is final.

Terms of delivery for Standard Shipment:

  • Cash on delivery to the courier, the driver will issue you a payment document;
  • If the recipient can not be found, the shipping company will contact you to agree a new delivery date;
  • If agreed with a courier, goods of extraordinary size can be delivered directly to your door.

Delivery terms for Econt Express:

  • payment for goods and courier service according to Econt Express standard terms and conditions;