Loyal customer program:

Every customer is entitled to up to 10% discount, depending on what value he has purchased from our e-shop: For our loyal clients, we have prepared a Loyal customer program. The more loyal you are, the greater will be the discount.

This discount is automatically applied only to actually paid and executed orders.

In the case of canceled, unfinished, unpaid orders or orders when the customer returns the goods, Loyal customer program is not applicable.

Your discount is calculated on the total value of your purchases in our e-shop. So if you purchased from us products worth 10 000 BGN, for each subsequent purchase, you are entitled to a 10% discount.

Your discount on loyalty can be enjoyed by your relatives, friends and acquaintances. You just have to shop from our e-shop by using your login data (only shipping address can be changed).

Discount Table:

Purchases from - to, in BGNPercent discount
100 - 199 BGN1%
200 - 299 BGN2%
300 - 499 BGN3%
500 - 999 BGN4%
1000 - 2499 BGN5%
2500 - 4999 BGN6%
5000 - 6999 BGN7%
7000 - 8999 BGN8%
9000 - 9999 BGN9%
over 10000 BGN10%