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Company: SAXO ltd.
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Phone: +359 894 496 073
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General terms and conditions

This document contains general terms and conditions, according to which the trader provides services / goods to its users / customers through the online store These conditions are mandatory for all users. By clicking on any button, link or object located on the pages of an internet address or made a first order via phone, indicated on the same internet address, the user agrees and accepts in full and undertakes to abide by the general conditions. When registering an account, the user with a click on the "i agree with the terms and conditions" field declares that she is familiar with the terms and conditions and accepts them in full.

Identification of the user / client in order to reproduce his statement, both for acceptance of the general terms and for the order, is done through the log files stored on the server of, storage of the ip address of the user / client, as well as and any other information.

The products available on the website of do not constitute a legally binding offer, but are rather a demonstrative online catalog describing the product line of the trader.

The trader reserves the right to refuse delivery of a confirmed order in case the goods are not available. When the goods are out of stock the trader notifies the client / customer by the e-mail address or phone number specified by the customer, within the business week. In case a transfer has been made to the merchant's account, the customer will be able to choose between refund, cancellation of the order or through a replacement order.

The contractual language is bulgarian, and payments will be made in bgn including vat.


Immediately after delivery, the goods should be carefully inspected by the client / customer or a person authorized by him. Any damage, shocks and other damages should be reported immediately to the trader. In cases when the trader has specified in writing a specific date and time for delivery, the statement is binding. If an incorrect or wrong address, contact person and / or telephone number is indicated when submitting the application, the trader is not bound by any obligation to fulfill the order.

Upon delivery of the goods, the consumer / customer or a third party signs the accompanying documents. Anyone who is not the holder of the application, but accepts the goods for delivery and is at the address specified by the customer is considered as a third party

In case of refusal to receive the goods, except for the cases described below, the refusal is considered unfounded and the customer must pay the costs of delivery and return of the goods. In case the customer is not found within the deadline for delivery to the specified address or access and conditions for delivery of the goods are not provided within this period, the trader is released from its obligation to deliver the goods ordered for purchase.

When the delivered goods obviously do not correspond to the goods ordered for purchase by the customer and this can be established through its ordinary inspection.

The customer may request that the goods delivered to him be replaced with those corresponding to the purchase application made by him within 24 hours of receipt.


Cash on delivery or postal money order (ppp) - in cash upon delivery, upon delivery by courier. No receipt is issued according to ordinance № n-18 of 13 december 2006 for registration and reporting of sales in commercial sites through fiscal devices.

Bank transfer to the account of the trader

Credit / debit card

The prices indicated on the website are euro and refer to 1 piece / pair and do not include transportation and installation.

Warranty service

The trader offers a warranty document to its customers for a purchased product, if such a document is provided by the manufacturer of the product. The document describes: address and telephone number of the authorized services of the purchased product, the warranty conditions of the respective service centers or manufacturers warranty period of the product purchased by the client / customer.

The risk of damage to the product during assembly by the user is taken over by him and is at his expense.

Warranty service does not include and does not apply to:

Returns and cancellation policy

The user has the right to withdraw from the submitted order within 1 working day from the date of its submission by contacting the team of via email or phone.

The client has the right, without paying compensation or penalty, to withdraw from the contract within 14 working days from the date of receipt of the goods. If the client refuses within the specified period, he should notify the seller and return the product in its original packaging, with the original labels, without indications that the product has been used, without being damaged or treated in any way / washing, ironing etc./ and under all other conditions under article 55 of the consumer protection act.

In case the user exercises his right of withdrawal under item 2, the seller is obliged to refund in full the amounts paid for the products, without delivery for them, no later than 14 working days from the date on which the user has exercised his right to withdraw from the contract. In case of exercised by the user right of withdrawal from the contract, the following rules shall also apply:

Each customer can exercise his right to have the product replaced with another product of his choice.  

Rules and obligations of the user / client

The user / client has the opportunity to view and / after registration / to order the announced goods on the internet store

The user / customer has the right to be informed about the status of his order.

The user / client is fully responsible for the protection of his username and password, as well as for all actions performed by him or by a third party using the username and password. The user is obliged to immediately notify the trader of any case of unauthorized access by using his username and password, as well as whenever there is a danger of such use.

The user is obliged to pay the price of his order according to the way announced on the page

Every user, regardless of whether he is a client of the trader, is obliged when using the services:

Each customer can exercise his right to have the product replaced with another product of his choice.

Trader s rules and obligations

 The trader / seller does not have the obligation and the objective ability to control the way in which the users use the provided services.

The trader / seller has the right, but not the obligation to save materials and information located on the server of

The trader / seller has the right at any time, without notifying the user / client, when the latter uses the services in violation of these terms, as well as at the discretion of the trader to terminate, suspend or change the services provided in connection with the use of the site. Trader is not liable to consumers and third parties for damages and lost profits resulting from the termination, suspension, modification or restriction of services, deletion, modification, loss, inaccuracy, inaccuracy, or incompleteness of messages, materials or information transmitted, used, recorded or made available through

After receiving the payment, the trader / seller undertakes to transfer to the consumer / customer the ownership of the goods ordered for purchase, to deliver the goods ordered for purchase in time, to check for technical condition each item before shipping (if possible). Without compromising the integrity of the packaging).

The trader / seller is not liable for damages caused to software, hardware or telecommunications equipment, or for loss of data resulting from materials or resources sought, downloaded or used in any way through the services provided. The advice, consultations or assistance provided by the specialists and employees of the trader / seller in connection with the use of the services by the users does not give rise to any responsibility or obligations for the trader / seller. The company is not responsible for incorrect information provided by the manufacturer about the product.

The trader / seller is not responsible for non-fulfillment of its obligations under this contract in the event of circumstances that the trader / seller did not foresee and was not obliged to foresee - including cases of accidental events, problems in the global internet and in the provision of services outside the control of the trader / seller.

The trader / seller has the right to install cookies on the users' computers. Cookies are text files that are saved by the website on the user's hard drive and allow recovery of information about the user, identifying and allowing tracking of his actions, the websites he visits, the hyperlinks he uses, the information he uses and records others.

Personal data protection (gdpr)

The trader / seller guarantees to its users / clients the confidentiality of the provided information and personal data. The latter will not be used, provided or brought to the notice of third parties except in the cases and under the conditions specified in these general terms and conditions.

The trader / seller protects the personal data of the users, which became known when filling in the electronic form for submitting a purchase order. Subject to applicable law and the provisions of these general terms, the merchant may use the personal data of users only for the purposes provided in the contract - acceptance and execution of orders and contact with users in case of problems with the order. The merchant guarantees that the data in question will not be provided in any form to third parties or used for purposes other than those described above, except with the express written consent of the client or if the information is required by a competent government authority within its powers law.

The user account of a specific user can be deleted from the database together with the information attached to it at any time at the request of the client.

The trader / seller takes measures to protect the personal data of the client in accordance with the personal data protection act.

For reasons of security of personal data of the users, the merchant will send the data only to the e-mail address that was specified by the users at the time of registration.

The trader / seller has the right to store data in the final communication device of the client, unless the latter explicitly expresses his disagreement. The client's disagreement may be expressed at any time.

The customer or the user agrees that the trader / seller has the right to send electronic messages to the customer at any time, including a newsletter or offers to purchase goods, as long as the customer is registered in the e-shop of the merchant.

By accepting these general terms and conditions, the client expresses his explicit consent within the meaning of art. 6, para. 1 and para. 4 of the electronic commerce act to receive commercial communications under para. 6 of this article.

The client agrees that the trader / seller has the right to collect, store and process data on the client's behavior when using the merchant's e-shop.


These general terms and conditions can be amended by the trader / seller and then have to notify in an appropriate manner all users / customers of the site.

The trader / seller and the client agree that any addition and amendment to these general terms and conditions will have effect on the client in one of the following cases:

After its explicit notification by the trader / seller and if the client does not state within the given 14-day period that he rejects them; or

After their publication on the trader's website and if the client does not state within 14 days of their publication that he rejects them.

With its explicit acceptance by the client through his account on the trader's website.

The client agrees that all statements of the trader in connection with the amendment of these general terms and conditions will be sent to the e-mail address specified by the client during registration. The client agrees that the e-mails sent under this article do not need to be signed with an electronic signature in order to have effect on him.

The trader / seller publishes these general conditions at and, together with all additions and amendments thereto.


 By "user / client" is meant anyone who has loaded the website on their computer.

"order" means the selected goods and all other attributes related to the method of delivery and payment of the goods by the customer / client.

The online store is owned by the trader.

All disputes between the parties shall be settled in a spirit of understanding and good will. In the event that no agreement is reached, all unresolved disputes, including disputes arising out of or relating to its interpretation, invalidity, performance or termination, as well as disputes concerning the filling of gaps in the contract or its adaptation to new circumstances, shall be resolved by the competent court for registration of the trader, according to the bulgarian legislation.