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Multi gym, sturdy frame, combined with bench press, upper, lower pulley, parallel bars and stair stepper.

Multi-Gym inSPORTline Phanton, sturdy frame, high quality cables and durable surface finish. The device has an electronic counter for stepper. The multi-gym is complete with bench press, lower and upper pulley. The seat position is adjustable horizontally and vertically, which guarantees a comfortable workout. Multi-Gym inSPORTline Phanton is suitable hotels fitness clubs, gym clubs and home gym room.

Technical description:

  • Sturdy steel frame with covered weights
  • Ergonomic padding and adjustable backrest made of synthetic leather (middle part can be adjusted to 3 positions)
  • Horizontally and vertically adjustable seat (2 positions)
  • Electroplated surface
  • Made of 50 x 50 mm steel tubes
  • Reinforced fiberglass pulleys with industrial bearings
  • Cables made of coiled aircraft steel with highly durable vinyl surface
  • Multi-purpose electronic counter for stair stepper, bench and upper and lower pulley
  • Weights: 65 kg with high strength transfer (7 x 3.62kg (8 lbs.), 7 x 4.53kg (10 lbs.), 1 x 8kg fixed weight)
  • Depending on the space available to you, you can place the stair stepper and parallel bar behind the rest of the equipment or on the right or left side (L-shaped assembly)
  • Maximum user height: 195cm
  • Base dimensions: L 230cm x W 85cm x H 215cm
  • Space necessary for fully assembled multi-gym: L 264cm x W 130cm x H 215cm
  • L-shaped base dimensions: L 198cm x W 130cm x H 215cm
  • Space necessary for multi-gym assembled in L-shape: L 228cm x W 163cm x H 215cm
  • Weight: 165.5kg
  • Weight limit: 150kg
  • Stair stepper weight limit: 120kg
  • Category HC (EN 957)

Exercises available on Multi-Gym inSPORTline Phanton:

  • Biomechanical linear movement provided by the patented design with a wide range of adjustment options
  • Stair stepper with adjustable resistance
  • Parallel bars for dips and intense ab exercises
  • Butterfly station for chest muscle exercises (as well as rhomboid muscle exercises)
  • Bench presses
  • Multi-press
  • Cables for rowing simulation
  • Thighs, calves and glutes exercises (pulls)
  • Upper back pulley (both in front of and behind body)
  • Lower pulley exercises (pulling up or vertically)
  • Rowing simulation
  • Leg curls

Strength transfer index according to TÜV/GS standards:

  • Butterfly: 1:1.55
  • Bench presses: 1:1.68
  • Upper back pulley: 1:1.3
  • Leg curls: 1:2
Power Training
Product typeMulti gym
Size230 x 85 x 215 cm
Weight170 kg
Training zoneFor the lower body;For the upper body
Аdditional equipmentbench;stepper;parallel bars
Load150 kg

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